7 Back Exercises You Should Practice

Some of us have such a problem as a “massive back”, it is not as common as a bulging belly and a big butt, but this problem still exists. Of course, we know that it is impossible to lose weight locally, and therefore those who have a massive back need to do complex exercises for fat burning.

In addition, the “massive back” effect can arise from poor posture and stoop, in which case this exercise will help women with such a problem.

Exercise 1

Stand with your back to the wall at a distance of one step from it. After that, lean with bent arms behind your head and back against the wall. Take a calm deep breath, and, pushing off with your hands, bend forward, arching your back as much as possible. After that, as you exhale, slowly return to the starting position. Perform 6-8 times at a slow pace. Make sure you keep a hockey tape in your backpack to have better grip and better workout sessions.

Exercise 2

Stand at the same distance, but already facing the wall. Lean straight in front of you against the wall with straight arms. Take a breath and bend forward as much as possible, trying to reach the wall with your chest. In this case, the legs should remain in the same position, thus, you should bend as much as possible in the lower back. After that, as you exhale, return to your previous position. 6-8 times.

Exercise 3

Lie on your stomach with a chair in front of you. The arms should be placed along the torso. Take a breath, then try to raise your torso as much as possible, while your hands swing over the sides and grab the edges of the chair, helping to maintain the accepted position. On exhalation, we smoothly return to the previous position. It is repeated 6-8 times.

Exercise 4

To perform this exercise, you need a gymnastic stick or any other. We stand straight, legs are shoulder-width apart, we hold the stick in our lowered hands. We take a breath and bend forward, keeping our back straight, while raising straight arms as high as possible. As we exhale, we relax, bend our back and lower our arms. After that, a new breath follows, we straighten our back and again raise our arms as much as possible. As we exhale, we align, lower our hands, returning to the starting position. 5-6 times.

Exercise 5

Standing on all fours with an emphasis on straight arms, bend as much as possible, taking your head to your back and raising your straight right leg. On exhalation, we return to the starting position. Perform 8 times, changing legs in turn.

Exercise 6

Stand behind the back of the chair, at a distance slightly more than the usual step, with straight arms leaning against the back. As you inhale, you need to bend forward without bending your arms. At the same time, we try to take our head back and bend our back as much as possible. On exhalation, we return to the starting position. With a certain level of fitness (more than a month), you can try to perform faster, springing back at the moment of bending. 10-12 times.

Exercise 7

The starting position is standing, legs are shoulder-width apart, a gymnastic stick must be put over the top on the shoulder blades. On inhalation, we turn to the right, on exhalation we return to the starting position. Similarly, we perform the exercise in the other direction. 5-6 times in each direction at a slow pace.

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