10 Favorite Cartoon Character loved by Kids of 2020

Talking about cartoons, not only kids but the adults also love Cartoons and well Kids Favorite pass time is watching cartoons and with time there are so many Cartoons are trending and have become better and funnier but it is always said “OLD IS GOLD” so even now there are so many cartoons of the 90’s times which are kids favorite even now and in fact their parents watch it too reliving their childhood with their kid.

  • Tom and Jerry:

Tom and Jerry is a cartoon that needs no introduction. We grew up watching Tom and Jerry in our childhood. The cartoon character fits in everyone’s mind, so every child loves to watch this show. Not only the kids but their parents love it too. In this show, they showed the fun, fighting, and rivalry between Cat and Mouse. Also, one dog with his funny and angry character at the same time to top it up.  Tom and Jerry is the oldest cartoon most of us have seen and it is number one in all of the cartoon’s list. There are most of the cartoon characters but children mostly like Tom and Jerry. It is streamed on Cartoon Network Channel.

  • Ninja Hattori:

Ninja Hattori is also one of the greatest cartoon characters. A cartoon shown in China has come to India and is doing great. It based on Ninja Techniques used by the characters. In this one guy named Kenichi, who is living with his family and three ninjas are also staying with them. These Ninjas are helping him to get out of every difficult situation. It is streamed on Nickelodeon Channel.

  • Chota Bheem:

Chota Bheem is another character through which all of our childhood is gone. The main character in this show is Bheem and he is having his friends like Chutki, Raju, Kaliya who helps and plays with him. Bheem loves laddus and gets energy after eating laddus for fighting with his enemies. The cartoon is shown in the village “Dholakpur”. This show will stay in our memories forever. It is streamed on the POGO channel.

  • Mr.Bean:

Well, whether it is the Animated version or the normal series, Mr. Bean is always fun and he has taught us to be happy in every situation no matter what. Mr. Bean is a cartoon character that is created from the original character. The man named Mr. Bean is wandering through the city and problems created by him but not intentionally. And he is pure with his heart and a very nice kind of man. It is streamed on the POGO channel.

  • Oggy And The Cockroaches:
    Oggy And The Cockroaches

The most popular cartoon nowadays is Oggy and the cockroaches. In this one cat named OGGY is fighting every time with the cockroaches because these cockroaches make him angry and do wrong things so oggy has to face various problems. It is streamed on the Cartoon Network channel.

  • Motu Patlu:

Motu and Patlu are one of the cartoon characters which most of the kids watch every day without missing a single episode. In this show, one guy is fat, known as “Motu” and the other one is slim and known as “Patlu”. Motu is foody and loves to sleep but Patlu wants to explore new things. So this cartoon is there two people journey with the ups and downs and how they deal with everything with the chemistry of friendship between them. There is one village shown in the cartoon and they help each other in every trouble situation. It is streamed on Nickelodeon.

  • Doraemon:

Doraemon is a cartoon character based in Japan. In this cartoon, the guy named Nobita is the main character and he has Doremon his friend, and kind of a robot who has various gadgets that gets Nobita out of trouble. This cartoon is a multi-character cartoon where Nobita has few friends to have his journey along like Jian, Shizuka, and Suneo. This cartoon is famous for dubbing into Hindi and shown in India. Because the voice used in it is very interesting it makes it more lovable. It is streamed on the channel Nickelodeon.

  • Dora the Explorer:

This is a story about a 7-year-old American girl name Dora, who goes through numerous adventures and she has her friends in her support always which is a monkey, boots. It is streamed on the channel Nickelodeon This show has 8 seasons till now and due to its popularity, it is dubbed in Telugu, English, Spanish, and Hindi.

  • Ben 10:

Ben 10 is the character based on the superpowers like the one guy who has various superpowers in his watch. And he fights with his enemies with the characters in that watch and saves the world. He calls different characters whenever the need arises. It is streamed on the channel Cartoon Network.

  • Roll No. 21:

This cartoon is based on the stories of Lord Krishna. The village taken in this cartoon is Mathura. The boy is named Kris in the Cartoon studies in the school so the name of the show is Roll No.21 as this is his roll no. It is an Indian Animated series where kris is sent to safeguard the children of Mathura Orphanage, It is shown that he fights against the evil principle, the principle’s name is Kanishk in his own funny, mischievous way. It is streamed on the channel Cartoon Network.

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