Top 10 Headlines of Today the 12th May 2020-India

  • School Girl selling Vegetable on Bicycle-Assam Police Gifts two-wheeler:

This Monday Dibrugarh Police gifted a two-wheeler to a schoolgirl who was selling vegetables on her bicycle during lockdown to support her family in Assam. Her name is Janmoni Gogoi, who is a resident of Saphakati Ghogora Gaon of the Bogibeel area. She is been selling vegetables on her bicycle on daily basis to support her family which includes her old father who is ill for the last eight years and as the Assam police saw her every day, they got her a bike.

  • Maharashtra Govt. decides to release 50% prisoner to decongest jail:

There was a Highly powered committee that was appointed by the Maharashtra Government which took the decision on Monday that 50% of the prisoners will be left on bail or parole across all jails in the state due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Due to this the prison population of approx 35,239 is expected to be released. However, they is no time frame specified to release the prisoners. This decision is taken after 100 inmates and staff members were tested positive in the central Mumbai Jail.

  • Tamil Nadu Police Station Sealed:

After one of the arrested people tested positive, the Thrirunaalar Police Station in Tamil Nadu got sealed and 25 policemen have been asked to get the COVID-19 test done. The accused, who is a 37-year-old man was kept for 6 hours in jail and then after the result, he was shifted to Karaikal Government Hospital.

  • PM Modi to address the Nation at 08:00 PM today:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the Nation at 08:00 pm today on to what to go through now for the Lockdown and whether it will be extended beyond 17th May or not. One can see the live Telecast on many News channels like India Today, Aaj Tak e.t.c

  • India Fighting with Corona Virus:

In the past 24 hours, India has seen the increase of 4213 cases, and the total affected people in India Reached 70756 out of which 22455 have recovered and India experienced 97 deaths within 24 hours increasing the death rate to 2293 which is still much less than other countries. It is said by the experts that the only way we can fight this situation is by staying at home.

  • Maharashtra Congress bears the travel expense of over 27,800 Migrants:

Maharastra Congress state president Balasaheb Thorat said that they will be taking the expense of 22800 migrant workers who will be traveling to their home-town. Arrangements are being made for more 24000 workers to be sent back to their Native Place. There is a special train that started from Nagpur to Lukhnow, Muzaffarpur, Ballia, Darbhanga, Pune to  Bhopal, Wardha to Patna, Chandrapur to Patna, Miraj to Gorakhpur and Ahmednagar to Unnao.

  • Delhi Airport is the home for a German National from last 55 Days:

Due to the lockdown, a German National got stuck at the Delhi Airport after India stooping all its Air Travel. He is being provided with Meals and security at the Airport. Name Edgar Zeibat, arrived in India on March 18 from Vietnam and was scheduled to travel to Istanbul but got stuck at Indra Gandhi International Airport as the international and National Flights have been suspended due to the Pandemic. Today he boarded a KLM Airline Flight to Amsterdam and he was tested negative for Corona Virus before boarding. While he was at the Delhi Airport, the Airport Authorities were providing him with 3 times food, daily fresh cloths, and a Mosquito net.

  • INS Jalashwa to bring 700 Indian back to India from the Maldives:

As part of the Operation Samudra Setu, INS Jalashwa is getting back 700 Indians who were stuck at the Maldives. The ship started from Male to India on 12th May 2020 at 12:51 pm boarding 700 Indians, It is expected to reach Kochi on 15th of May 2020. It bought 698 Indians from the Maldives on 10th May 2020 during its first trip. The Indian Navy is also providing relief Materials, Medicines, food to their teams in the Indian Ocean Region. INS Kesari, another ship is expected to drop material in Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles, and Comoros. And the sources say that there are 14 more ships to get Indians back to India who are stuck in another country due to COVID-19.

  • E-Token System for Liquor sale:

The Maharastra Excise department is planning to start the e-token system for the Liquor sale after the government released the bar on not opening the Liquor shops in the region due to COVID-19. It will help to avoid un-necessary overcrowding in the streets which is again not good due to the pandemic situation. Under this system, the person who wants to buy Liquior needs to register themselves on the excise department website, and then they will be getting an E-token and after which one can go to the liquor shop to buy. The government is thinking to issue a limited number of tokens to avoid Overcrowding.

  • Special Train from Bangalore to Bankura:

1200 passengers traveled on the special train from Bangalore to Bengal and all the passengers will be going under a medical screening for fever and other signs of Corona Virus.  only after that, they will be sent home by the busses arranged by the Government of West Bengal.

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