Everything you need to know regarding 12th CBSE Result 2021 and how CBSE will calculate the marks

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had announced the news of the cancellation of the final board exams for the class XII students.

This news regarding the 12th CBSE Result 2021 has managed to stir up quite a chaos among the aspiring students who had been preparing to achieve fruitful results in the said examination since the last two years of their lives.

Evaluation of 12th CBSE Result 2021

On the 17th of June, Thursday, the CBSE released its strategy explaining how CBSE will calculate the marks for the 12th CBSE Result 2021. CBSE reported that the 12th CBSE result 2021 will be based on the final results of class X, XI and the unit test/mid term/ pre-board results of class XII itself.

From the class X results, an average of the marks secured by an individual student in their top three best resulting subjects will be taken into account. From class XI, the final exam results will be given consideration. As for the class XII department the results of all the examinations and internal assessment marks that a student has acquired in the said year will be taken into account.  A student will be evaluated based on the marks submitted by the school to CBSE in regards to their practical and internal assessments. All these components will make up the 12th CBSE Result 2021.

Tabulated data on how CBSE will calculate the marks for the 12th CBSE Result 2021

Class Criteria for marks distribution Weightage
Class X Marks based on theory component of the best three performing subjects 30%
Class XI Marks based on theory component of final exam 30%
Class XII Marks based on Unit tests/ Mid terms/ Pre-board exams 40%

School authorities who will be responsible for the aspect of how CBSE will calculate the marks

  • Principal of the school.
  • 2 of the senior most teachers of class 12th in the school.
  • 2 teachers of a neighbouring Senior Secondary School, teaching class 12 assimilated as external members.
  • A teacher with IT background for full time facilitation for computing results may be invited by the authorities.
  • The subject teachers shall be present during the contemplation and evaluation of the performance of the students in their respective subjects.

Guide for schools on how CBSE will calculate the marks

CBSE has decided to come forward and introduce an IT system that is being developed which will help the schools in the preparation of the 12th CBSE Result 2021.

CBSE notified that whilst a Policy for tabulation of 12th CBSE Result 2021 has already been released, their upcoming IT system will primarily focus on easing the calculations, will require lesser time and also acknowledge other difficulties that might take place. This system will furthermore pre-populate the class X marks of CBSE students and will also try to take other board’s results as well.

Finalisation of the 12th CBSE Results 2021

The schools under CBSE are entailed to finalise the results and upload the marks by the 15th of July on the board’s link. CBSE is most likely set to declare the results by July 31st.

Option for students dissatisfied with their 12th CBSE Result 2021

The Controller of examinations of CBSE, Sanyam Bhardwaj said that students who are not contented with their results will be given a chance to appear for physical examinations as soon as the current situation with the pandemic eases. However, this proposition will only be available for the students who are not satisfied with their marks. Online registration for the same will start in order to know the exact number of applicants.

Supreme Court’s verdict on 12th CBSE Result 2021 and how the marks will be calculated

The Supreme Court approved the scheme proposed by CBSE in order to evaluate the marks for the 12th results.

All the petitions filed against the scheme have thus been cancelled by the court on Tuesday.

Student’s view on the 12th CBSE Result 2021

The decision taken on how CBSE will calculate the marks has caused a lot of mixed emotions among the aspirants. Students have been preparing for this exam for quite some time and for it to be cancelled abruptly must’ve caused quite a chaos.

According to the point of views received from some of the students, the overall decision on how CBSE will calculate the marks for the 12th CBSE Result 2021 is a little confusing to say the least, since it includes class X marks which quite differs from the subjects included in XI and XII. However, CBSE has mentioned that class X theory marks will reflect an individual student’s overall performance.

And as for class XI and XII, a lot of students tend to struggle as they are new to many subjects and need time to get a hold on them. The marks received in XI finals and the examinations held in class XII might not do complete justice in reflecting a student’s hard work and dedication.

But students are still counting on the fact that these marks will not affect their dream of getting into their desired college. As of now most of the students have already gotten into a college of their choice and the rest are waiting for their entrances.

Perhaps now only time will tell whether the decision of how CBSE will calculate the marks for 12th CBSE Result 2021 will act as a boon or a bane for the students.

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