India Came out of the Red List; As Travel Restrictions Changed by the Government.

India and four other countries are removed from England’s red list as part of a host to the traffic light system for international travel, Government has announced for the travel restrictions.

Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Qatar are also being removed out the high-risk category.

Red list means that the arriving travelers will no longer be required to spend 11 nights at a coronavirus quarantine hotel.

France has been moved to the amber list from the amber plus list. Span has not given red status, as the Government in travel restrictions urging people who all are travelling to take PCR test before they fly home from the country.

Countries that will be put in red tire are; Mexico, the French overseas department of La Reunion, Georgia and Mayotte.

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What is red, amber and green list?

  • Green list

In Green list, there is no requirement for quarantine unless your Covid-19 test returns a positive result, unless your trace informs that you have travelled with somebody who has tested positive.

There is certain rules and regulations one need to follow who is in Green list.

  • Amber List

If you have received second Covid-19 dose then, for at least 1 days before arriving, one must quarantine for 10 days upon arrival.

You must take a PCR Test in a time given like, on a day eight of your quarantine and also an additional test on day five.

If your report are negative that you can be released. But it is important to take day eight test.

  • Red List

Travelers must provide a proof of a negative result from Covid-19 test, taken three days before.

They need to complete a passenger locator for, on Government Website.

They also need to book a hotel for their quarantine hotel, within a 14-day period before arrival. Cost is 1,750 pound per person.


New Rules travelers need to follow.

Cost has been increased, the cost for solo travelers, will go up from August from Pound 1,750 to pound 2,250.

Many people use the cheaper test, to meet the testing requirements. They use lateral flow test.

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