Imagine walking down the street, amongst friends, with old, worn-out shoes. Every time you look down, you only feel worse because you’re disgusted by your own feet.

And no matter how great your clothes look, they’re just undermined by the look of those shoes. 

On the other hand, imagine walking down the street, among those same friends, with a clean, new pair of shoes.

Graceful, isn’t it?

But the thing is, those shoes aren’t new, your friends only think they are. This is because of the amount of effort you’ve put into taking care of them and making sure they stay pretty. 

Caring for your shoes is not as easy as it sounds, it requires consistency and timing. However, it is worth it.

Having your shoes good looking, even after owning it for years is something to be proud of. Here are some tips you mind find useful in caring for your shoes.


  1. Storage

One of the easiest ways to ruin your shoes is not to store them properly. People form the very damaging habit of throwing their shoes all over the place at the end of the day, and it is bad. 

Shoes are better preserved when stored properly. Here are some shoe care ideas that might prove useful for storing your shoes.

  1. Preventive Care

Some measures you can take to ensure your shoes don’t get ruined include:

  • When you get a new shoe, get it to a cobbler to reinforce the sole so it doesn’t require repair anytime soon. 

  • Use waterproofing sprays to keep the shoes safe from moist. 

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on caring for the shoes. This will save you a lot of possible stress. 

  1. Cleaning

Using a washing machine to clean your shoes can prove less stressful and very effective.

However, you must know that the washing machine does a general cleaning, and does not wash certain spots specifically.

Because of this, you will need to manually spot-clean your shoes once in a while. 

When spot-cleaning, it is important you use the right cleaning materials. Also, make sure you get in-between the linings and holes that the machine can’t. 

  1. Usage

Overusing a shoe is another easy way to ruin it. If you can, try to get alternatives for yourself so you don’t have to wear the same shoe all the time.

Don’t always wear shoes in places you don’t have to, e.g, around the house. 

Wearing a shoe constantly will cause it to wear out much faster. So try to rotate your shoes as you can. 

  1. General Tips

There are a few other tips that might help you take better care of your shoes.



  • Avoid stepping in dirt and mud. 

  • Don’t let dirt stick to your shoes when you get home. Hit the soles together to get rid of dirt.

  • Don’t give your shoes to people whose legs are longer or wider than yours.

  • Dragging your feet can cause severe wearing in your shoe soles. Raise your feet as your walk.

  • Clean your shoes once in a while, even if you haven’t used them. Dust them and make them sparkle again. You’ll be grateful you did.

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