5 Things to do in Winters to Keep Yourself Healthy!

During Winters, Heath has always been a matter of concern when it comes to all of us, especially the youth as the type of diet we intake is way different than our forefathers use to take. Why go far, our diet is different from what our parents use to consume as well.

The times and changed and the youth or the Gen Z and Alpha has started consuming a lot of junk food which is leading to many heath problems. There are few things one can incorporate in a diet to keep themselves healthy during this winter season.

  1. Wheat and Quinoa Buns:

    We all love eating Burgers, why not eat a burger with the same patty and other assembles but replace the Maida bun with Quinoa & Wheat Bun. This will help us to be more full and Quinoa helps to regulate blood sugar lower cholesterol which definitely help to maintain a healthy diet.
  2. Oats Maggie instead of Maida Maggie :

    One of the quickest eating food among the Gen Y ,Z and Alpha is Maggie which of course is very tasty and easy to make, its advertisement stats so, but how about the same taste and veggies but the noodles are made of oats instead of Maida, this will also help you to maintain your taste palate and be healthy at the same time as Oats helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and also maintain blood sugar level which in turn helps you to maintain your weight.
  3. Wheat Paratha or Ragi Paratha:

    In Winters, not just Punjabis but we all love eating Parathas, so why not mix the wheat flour with Ragi to have the health and taste go hand in hand and put white butter or ghee instead of salter butter with it as an accompaniment. Ragi is high in protein so it helps to keep you full for a longer period of time and also develop muscle. It also prevents your skim from aging so your skin will be radiant and glowing for the prolonged consumption of Ragi. It also has loads of calcium reducing any bone problems now and in future.
  4. Mixing Carrot, Beetroot ,Ginger and Spinach along with Mosumbi or Orange:

    We love drinking juice and also have head that Orange and Masumbi juice is very high in fiber but in the cold weather, it is difficult to maintain the juice consumption routine but how about combining a few more ingredients to make your juice more healthy and great to consume during the winter season. Yes my friends, adding 1 carrot along with half a beetroot and 1g of ginger in your juice will make your juice more heathy and will also protect you from this cold weather. Always remember to consume this drink in morning or afternoon in this cold weather, not evenings or night.
  5. Using Ghee or Olive Oil instead of Refined Oil:
    Due to its low melting temperature and change in composition, using refined oil leads to high blood cholesterol and blood sugar, instead replace them with Olive Oil or Ghee to have that taste and health combo. Olive Oi due to its composition is consumed less as compared to the Refined Oil and Ghee has been used from our forefathers’ forefathers as a cooking medium which is healthy and good cholesterol which is needed for our body.

    Let is know how you life changed by following these methods, We are sure, it will help.

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