CA Inter Exam Date is Here: How to Study?

CA Exam Date 2020 has been rescheduled by ICAI from 9th November onwards as the CA foundation exams date 2020 with the CA Inter Exam Date 2020, of which every aspirant should be aware. It is recommended that all the students prepare for the last end of your syllabus and make all your concepts very clear to crack India’s one of the toughest exams of CA held by ICAI every year. Get cover up your CA Intermediate Syllabus with dedication and smartness with all your concepts very clear.


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How ICAI Plan your Exams Schedule?

First, the aspirants need to clear the first stage of the CA Foundation, which is notified by ICAI every year four months before the main examination. Students must summarize the syllabus thoroughly to make their concepts well clear and guided by the teachers. After the CA foundation stage, students have a sufficient period to prepare for the CA Intermediate Syllabus. Since ICAI released the CA Intermediate Exam Date has a span of nearly 8 months after the foundation level exam. 


For the CA final examination, aspirants are required to be well trained by the three years of training in the practical world before the main CA final examination. 

What are your CA Inter Subjects this Year?

With the announcement of CA Inter Exam Date 2020, students must be aware of their subjects and syllabus of relevant levels. CA examination focuses on the theoretical and practical or analytical knowledge of the aspirants. Aspirants must be well aware of their syllabus for each level of CA examination so that they can be able to handle each type of different topics covered in the exam paper. It is better to get through the previous year’s papers, which will give you the idea of the paper pattern and the distribution of each topic of the syllabus. You can also check the CA Intermediate Syllabus at the VSI online and the marking scheme with the weightage of the exam pattern. 

Know Your Personal Strength And Capabilities

Any exam preparation is not completed without sufficient dedication to your subjects and concepts, both theoretically and analytically. All students must know their personal potentials that are required to crack the ICAI exam. Manage your time wisely according to the difficulty and nature of the subject. Prepare the scheduled time table to manage your daily routine. Get the time for your physical exercises and mental relaxation so that your concentration level in your studies will rise even more. Try as hard as possible to crack the exams in the first attempt only. 

Get Ready To Draft The Study Time Table

It is recommended to be guided by your teachers to manage your study plan well. Prepare as per the weightage of the exam pattern. Make your concepts ready and revise them carefully. The study time table draft makes the study preparation wisely and efficiently in a short time period. 


Prepare A Regular Ca Inter Time Table 2020 & Assign Collective Hours Each Day

For the one month preparation of the CA exam, aspirants are needed to get ready mentally and take this month very seriously in order to crack the CA exams conducted by the ICAI. 

Get through the following points, which are here to guide you with a daily basis schedule by sectioning each hour. 

  • Get up early in the morning, 4:30 to 5 am, fresh up yourself by the physical and mental exercises. 


  • Read the theory subjects ( like law and accounting) with your full concentration from 5 to 7 am in the morning. 


  • Get your healthy breakfast for half an hour from 7 to 7:30 am. It will boost up your energy by light food. 


  • Read thoroughly all the notes you prepared for theory subjects for the next 3 hours of 7:30 to 10:30 am. 


  • Get yourself fresh up with the break of half an hour from 10:30 to 11 am of time duration. It will raise up your mood again. 


  • The time period of 11 am to 1 pm is best for studying Costing and Financial Management’s practical problems. 


  • Retake a break to fresh your mood and fetch your lunch during the period from 1 pm to 2 pm. 


  • After lunch, you may have a stomach if you study further, so it is better to get a short sleep for the next 1 hour from 2 pm to 3 pm. 


  • Now, you are ready to take on any challenge with full energy, so it is better to spend the next 2 hours of 3 pm to 5 pm solving the practical problems of costing and financial management.  


  • Take a short break of half an hour from 5 pm to 5:30 pm for refreshing yourself. 


  • Revise the theory again, which you studied in the morning, from 5:30 pm to 8 pm. 


  • From 8 pm to 9 pm, better to have dinner with your family members; this will relax you mentally. 


  • Again involve yourself with the practical problems during the next 1 hour, from 9 pm to 10 pm. 


  • Take proper sleep from 10 pm to 4:30 pm in the morning to continue this process for a month. 


Add A Stay Fit Timetable To Your Daily Schedule


It is necessary to keep you healthy during the stressed exam time, not just physically but also mentally. It will help to concentrate on full energy on each topic which you are preparing with. After the announcement of CA Exam Date 2020 by ICAI, every CA aspirant is trying to cover the syllabus perfectly. It leads to more stress upon their head. Get rid of the stress and make yourself more confident. Read the table carefully to enjoy these preparation days. 


Things to Schedule Time Limit
Physical Workouts Nearly 15 minutes
Taking Healthy diets In 10 minutes 
Don’t Isolate yourself and have time with your beloved ones. For 30 minutes
Reading Newspapers and extra brain exercises  At most 20 minutes



To prepare for the upcoming CA exams as notified by the ICAI, students are advised to prepare wisely and carefully as per the marking scheme and the weightage of the CA paper. Get yourself prepared for India’s one of the toughest exams, with Jaipur’s most trusted coaching institute, VSI. Get the CA Inter Online Classes by VSI to get in touch with the best-experienced teachers, along with lots of study material, helps you to make the topics note, and get confident for your exam. VSI has a record-breaking history from the last 8 years of its students’ successful achievements every year. 


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