How can Custom Mailer Box Packaging Realize your Sustainable Packaging Goal?

One of the biggest shifts that the retail industry has ever witnessed in recent history is the move towards sustainable packages. People are increasingly seeking out brands and products that share the same values. Not only it’s a challenge for product developers, but also an opportunity to meet eco-conscious customers’ expectations and grasp a massive chunk of market share.

Both upcoming and small companies have a fantastic opportunity to set themselves apart by conveying their environmentally conscious identity to gain the upper hand in the competition. And the packaging is one of the powerful channels to get this message across.

Though packaging accounts for only 10 percent of the environmental footprint for most products, it one of the most identifiable and easily visible sources of contamination that eco-conscious customers associate with brands and products. So if your packaging fails to achieve two primary goals: keeping the product safe and attracting consumers to improve sales, then all the energy, time, and materials went into developing the thing will prove useless.

Of course, there is no complete eco-friendly packaging out there, yet, you can come up with an enticing solution that will improve your brand image and drive sales while lessening your impact on the environment. Custom mailer box packaging is one such solution that can prove handy for online vendors and monthly subscription service providers.

Here is how it helps you realize your sustainable packaging goal:


Get Rid of Secondary Packaging

There are infinite brands out there that have a propensity to use packaging within the packaging. Sure sometimes, it’s hard to evade it, but most of the time, it can be easily avoided. Most importantly, extra layers of packaging prove to be a big turnoff for customers since it frustrates them when they need to access their order quickly.

If your brand is also using multiple layers of packaging, contemplate how you can consolidate that into a single layer. It will reduce your environmental impact, material consumption, and also save you money that can be diverted to other business-critical functions.

This is where custom mailer box packaging come into play. They keep the product safe during shipment and also allow you to skip multiple layers of packaging. It might not be a sublime solution for some businesses, but it can work wonders for most of the companies that are into retail. At the same time, it improves your image in the eyes of the people who care about the planet and ditch brands that use plastic or wasteful packaging.

Avoid Being Greenwashed

This term is used when companies attempt to project themselves as eco-friendly businesses without actually reducing their carbon footprint. We all have come across such companies, and it’s generally pretty easy to identify them. Indeed, misinterpretation can benefit a business in the short-run, but it won’t take savvy buyers too long to realize your dishonesty, and this will hurt you in the long-run.

Remember, honesty is the best policy because customers value authenticity. That said, it doesn’t make much sense to exhaust all your budget in creating eco-friendly packaging, but making a serious effort towards sustainability can earn you a good name and sway ideal customers to favor your brand. Try to do what you can but do not sugar coat things. That’s why the demand for wholesale mailer boxes is on the rise.

Uncover Ways to Save Space

Always look for ways to cut the size of your packaging. Remember, wasted space means more material, more transportation, and handling charges. Together, all this dramatically increases your overall cost and environmental impact. Come up with novel ideas to reduce your custom mailer box packaging size to improve sustainability while cutting the costs. For instance, you can eliminate space between units, pallets, or components to make it more compact and efficient.

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