Some Best Logo Designing Tools To Look For in 2020

A logo is a pictorial representation of a company defining what the company is all about. You can take an example of Twitter which is represented by a bird or buffet by a burger. Logos are important because they give a unique identity to a brand.  They create a strong impression on anyone who approaches their platform for the first time. Since the logo creates the first impression, it should be meaningful, innovative, and striking. For people who are new in the business world, logo designing could be a complex task. However, there are many software tools that can help you get the perfect logo for your company. In this article, you will learn about some of the best logo designing tools. So, let’s begin!

Best Logo Designing Tools For 2020

1. Logo Maker

Companies having a medium-sized budget can go for Logo Maker. Logo Maker can help you in choosing the best fonts and design templates. You can easily customize your logo design if it needs to be changed often. The tool is quite user-friendly, and can also be used by newbies.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe is a giant player in the graphic designing industry. This company has offered plenty of graphic designing tools to help create any type of visual content. Adobe Illustrator has thousands of amazing features to manage every logo designing aspect.

3. LaughingBird

LaughingBird is a tool that allows you to design templates with minimum designing skills. You can include your own templates if you don’t want to go for the inbuilt templates. This graphic designing software can be used by anyone having an affordable budget.

4. Logo Design Studio Pro

This software tool is designed by SummitSoft.  It’s Logo Design Studio Pro works with vector images that produce clear images with sharp effects. You can create an effective logo by choosing from thousands of templates and vector images. In addition, 3D effects can be added to your logo design with this tool.

5. LogoYes

LogoYes allows you to create a simple and meaningful logo in a short time by implementing predefined visual components.  You can tweak your graphic and add text by using drag and drop features. LogoYes is easy to use, giving you the power to reposition and resize your logo.

6. Sothink

The tool is available for all at a very reasonable price. It has plenty of customizable tools that allow you to manipulate every aspect of your logo design. Sothink has more than 300 predefined templates which can give your logo an edge over your competitors.

7. DesignHill

Graphic designers who come across clients with individual choices can use DesignHill. This logo designing tool does not have several customization options, however, it can be a great option for you to design a plain and simple logo.

8. Canva

Many graphic designing projects can be completed by using the Canva tool. Just like LogoYes, it has a drag and drop feature with hundreds of templates available to choose from. Canva offers high-quality templates that give your logo a stunning appearance.

9. Looka

Looka was formerly known as LogoJoy. This graphic designing tool utilizes AI to produce a customized logo design for you. Besides logo designing, Looka offers designs for marketing assets and websites. Looka is good for those people who want a simple logo with minimal design.

10. Hatchful

Hatchful is a ready-to-go logo designing tool particularly built for smartphones. This tool is introduced by Shopify, a popular ecommerce solution. You can use free templates from Hatchful if you don’t want to pay per template. For each template, the price is capped more than $8.

How To Choose The Best Logo Designing Tools

Logo designing is not as easy as a pie for anyone. Lots of research and analysis is required to move ahead during the entire designing process. In India, entrepreneurs can easily find any graphic designing agency for custom logo design in Delhi.  I will recommend you to approach these companies if you are in a hurry of professional logo design. In case you want to select the best tool for your project, just go for Adobe Illustrator. You should ask for help from anyone who is experienced in the graphic designing field. Starting with your project all alone could sometimes create problems for you.


Many companies invest a great deal of time and money in logo designing. Getting a perfect company logo design is quite similar to producing the best pictorial representation with minimum design templates. In this article, you have learned about the best logo designing tools that can present a completely different experience to the people. Logo designing is a one-time investment, thus, it should be taken seriously. We see it very rarely when a company changes its entire logo. Rest other visuals require a change from time to time. Finally, choose a logo design that fits best with the goals of your company.

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