5 Consideration for Laboratory workbench Setup

The laboratory environments are being increasingly managed by automated systems. Written procedures and laboratory reports are replaced by system description languages and electronic notebooks, which not only explain the processes but are also used to manage the entire workbench, collect data, and documentation. In such an environment, dynamic scheduling is needed. Many samples are handled in tandem with various methods and are vying for the instruments. The laboratory workbench  can help outfit a laboratory to the specifications of the technicians from small to large spaces and can be built for corner stations, U shapes, L shapes and more. To add on, any design may include height adjustment, a range of drawer settings, power, clamping, illumination, ADA compliance and more.

Laboratory workbench for its reliability and task-specificity can be rendered and designed for many different uses in laboratory applications. The custom workstations are built and explicitly designed for laboratory. While there has been some theoretical work and development on laboratory alternatives, due to the varied training needs and specifications of the electrical/electronic engineering curriculum, more effort is required. A distinctive aspect of the Laboratory Workbench is that it gives the teacher versatility in the design of laboratory activities to combine unique knowledge objectives, result in principles, and pre-requirements with the directions for the operation.

Besides this, another important advantage is that it has a watchdog monitor, which keeps a record of the activities of the students, which will help the teacher assess and track the work of the students. It can be of great value to broad schools. It is also web-based and developed using open-source ware, and it can open a new door to opportunities, as the same idea can be used to develop even more laboratories in electrical and electronic engineering. The laboratory workbench needs furniture, which can handle the laboratory harsh chemicals. Ensures efficient work is done as well as reduces the level of hazardous encounters.

5 Consideration for Laboratory workbench setup:

  1. Effective Fume Hoods: Useful fume hoods ensure a safe working environment and fresh air. Acquire quality products like polypropylene, which is resistant to most chemical substances. The fume-hood fan made of polypropylene is suitable for removing poisonous, corrosive, light, and heavy gases in the laboratory. It is available in various designs and is aerodynamically designed for every application in the laboratory.
  2. Laboratory Quality Workbench: Laboratory benches should have chemical-resistant surfaces to avoid corrosion and rust, which are common when encountering dangerous chemicals in a laboratory workstation. Another factor to consider in the workbenches of the laboratory is that they are height adjustable, require less space, and are easy to move from one place to the next.
  3. Safety: Safety is very much in the design of a laboratory workbench. For instance, the number of users at a given point, the sufficient circulation space, and the layout. All of these will allow direct vision lines across the station. Health will include in all areas with high power, continuous and forced ventilation. Specialized laboratory hoods are important for staff protection. To avoid employees coming into contact with the chemicals, safety goggles should be provided.
  4. Finishes: Acquisition of suitable flooring materials for laboratory use, such as sealed concrete and vinyl, guarantees longevity even in contact with chemicals. Washable walls are vitally important as they prevent tacking and taping. As it is cost-effective, accommodates electrical and mechanical systems, has degrees of versatility and access, and absorbs sound, standard acoustic ceiling tile is suitable for a laboratory workbench.
  5. Utilities: A laboratory workstation should have sinks spaced and conveniently placed for glassware, large graduated cylinders and aquarium filling and washing. Power system to serve all essential purposes should be safe and flexible. The power outlets need protection with emergency shut-off capability and security against ground faults.

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