Dunki Breaking the Box Office Records? Lets See What the Movie Has for its Fans

Shahrukhan’s Movies are not a release but a joy day for his fans and when a movie has a multi star cast of Tapse Pannu, Vickey Kaushal, Shah Rukh Khan and many more then ofcourse the expectations of the fans reaches heights.

As per the sources, the New Movie Dungi released on 21st December 2023 seems to have not done very well as expected over the box office with a collection of 30 CR including the pre- opening collection which is low when it comes to Shah Rukh Khan’s movies.

The First Show of Dungi was aired in Mumbai at 05:55 am and the first days offupancy was only 26% whihc is low but the movie is expected to do well over the christmas weekend.

Hoping and Wishing All the best to the startcast and the director Raj Kumar Hirani for having a blockbuster movie. We are definately going to watch the same during the weekend. Stay Tuned for the review.

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