Hotels in Himachal Pradesh Available on 50% off rates

Recently the monsoon has hit all the hilly areas and many have lost business due to the heavy rainfall. The connectivity has been affected, the roads have been facing wear and tear, the highways were blocked due to landslides, the rivers were crossing the danger mark.

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For cities like Himachal Pradesh, the main source of income after Apple cultivation is tourism. Weather it is Manali or Shimla or a quiet place like Narkhanda, everywhere tourism is the key source of income but due to adverse rainfall and the damage caused due to the rainfall, the tourism is affected very well.

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Off- lately we have seen that the monsoon has lowered and thing have started to come back to its place but building the connectivity to the same level as before is next to impossible immediately however the government is expediting the construction to optimum level.

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We see , due to low tourism, less no. of tourist travelling, the Hotels in Himachal Pradesh are available at 50% low rates and some at 90% low rates too. People are not trying to now earn profits but are working to boast tourism to recover losses which were incurred due to the heavy rains.

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