How Growth of Mobile Internet developed in India

We all know how India as a country is evolving in hands with Technology and Indians has always had a room for new and latest Innovation and Trends. Speaking about the time of the 90s or you can say a Decade ago where we had Dial up connections and Not so smart Phones, we have come to the Technology Treat of having and operation almost our world in our hands and as time passes by there is more and more to explore and achieve when it comes to technology.

Dail Up Evolution helps in Growth of Mobile Internet

Speaking of the Dail Up collection, where we had to connect out laptop or you can say heavy IBM Think Pads to our phone/ Landline Lines to get the Internet and there use to be a dialing up on the screen to connect and now we call the current era as the ‘G’ where when we speak about Internet and its speed , all we talk about is which connection one has, 3G or 4 G, which means we all love growing and upgrading ourselves so gone are the days of Dial Up Tring Trong!

Next Generation Technology Capture

The latest upgrade to the Internet Technology after 1G Analogue Voice,  2 G Digital Voice, 3 G Mobile data and 4 G LTE(Long Term Evolution)lead the way to mobile data is your own 5G. It will remarkably enable faster Mobile speeds up to 20 Gbps (Gigabits per Second) with less than 1 Millisecond Latency enabling the real time connectivity for the potential Life saving devices and applications. So the 5th Generation (5G)’s basic advantage is greater bandwidth and high download speed which all of us are looking for. Due to the colossal speed, it will not just serve the Mobile Phone but also give healthy competition to existing IPS like cable Networks.

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