How to Block Central Bank of India ATM Card?

Debit cards which are mostly referred to as the debit cards are just amazing. We are so much addicted to these plastic made cards with a magnetic strip on it. That we don’t carry much cash with us and rely on the debit cards. We can use them to shop and pay bills online as well as offline.

Sounds so good right?

But the problem begins when you lose your debit card or ATM card somewhere. Immediate steps should be taken by the cardholder to block the card or else the money in his or her bank account might be at stake. The transactions are of course protected with PIN Number and OTP.

Still, it is not recommended to ignore the card you have lost somewhere. Because on certain websites and POS Machines. There is no requirement of entering the PIN number of giving the OTP to complete the transactions. This sounds strange.

But this is the reality you should know. There are some international e-commerce websites. On which you just have to enter the 16 digits card number and your 3 digits CVV number and the payment will be done. The person who used your card without your authorization will get what you shopped for.

And the other example I would like to quote is if you have a contactless payment card. Then all you have to do is just touch your card to the POS machine. And boom the payment will be automatically done. But there is a limit on the maximum amount of transactions in India.

The maximum limit stands at Rs. 2,000 per contactless payment. But no one would like to lose Rs. 2,000 without any reason. So to stop these kinds of unauthorized transactions you have to block your card. And this guide is for the reason to you help you out.

You can find the information about how you can block Central Bank of India ATM Card in this guide.

How to Block Central Bank of India ATM Card?

There are many methods to block the ATM Card. But I will be discussing the most recommended methods only. The source of information for this guide is Bank With Us. So now without wasting much of your precious time let us learn the methods to block your card.

You can Block Central Bank of India ATM Card through Internet Banking

To use internet banking you should have activated this service for your bank account. If you have not activated this service then I advise you to skip this method and use a different one. That is because it takes time to get internet banking activated for your account.

  1. Go to the official website of the Central Bank of India.
  2. Click on the button which lets you to login into your account
  3. Enter your User ID and Password.
  4. Click on Login once you have entered the correct login details.
  5. Now click on the ATM Card services link which can be found in the top menu.
  6. All the ATM Cards which are mapped to your bank account will be displayed on this page.
  7. Choose the ATM card which you have lost and want to block.
  8. After selecting the card all you have to do is click on the Block button and your card will be blocked immediately.

Customer Care

You can even call the customer care to block the card you have lost. Here you have two options to use. The first one is by using the IVR options. And the second one by talking with the customer care executive. I recommend using the IVR options. But if you face difficulties then you can always talk with the customer service personnel.

  1. Call the Customer Care of Central Bank of India on 1800 22 1911.
  2. You will be asked to select your language.
  3. After selecting the Language, select the IVR option of ATM Card Service.
  4. Now press 1 to block the card.
  5. The IVR system will ask you to confirm your choice.
  6. Confirm it by verifying your selection of card to be blocked.


If you don’t want to use internet banking and also don’t want to call customer care. Then I have a different method for you. Here all you have to do is send an SMS and your card will be blocked by the bank. But this SMS has to be sent from your registered mobile number only.

  1. Type LOST XXXX
  2. Replace XXXX with your Central Bank of India account number.
  3. And send the same to 9967533228 from your registered mobile number.


Internet banking and customer care number are free to use. This means you won’t be charged anything if you block your card following those. But if you use the SMS method to block your card the standard SMS charges may apply.

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