Ultimate Guide to Buying a Second-Hand Car In 2022

Buying a second-hand car is an excellent idea as it saves you a lot of money. Fortunately, the second-hand car market offers plenty of choices, and you can buy almost any car you want in good condition. But not all car buyers find it easy. One must check many things before buying their dream car from the second-hand car market.

So, before you get going, know what you’re paying for. Here is a list of all the things that should definitely be on your checklist before initiating the car-buying venture.

10 Things to Consider While Buying a Second-Hand Car In 2022

1.      Think of your requirement

Start by reflecting on your requirement. Do you need a flashy car or a less-pricey one? Do you need a vehicle for the family or one for your daily commute? These are some basic questions whose answers will help you make the right decision. As each car serves a particular purpose, pick the one that meets your requirement.

2.      Where to buy?

This is a significant question. You want a car that looks good, serves your purpose and costs reasonably. Browse online for the best online platform for purchasing used cars. You will come across several dealers selling second-hand cars in good condition. Make sure you buy from a dealer with many customer reviews, a good online presence and stable popularity.

3.      Smaller car engines cost less

This means exactly what it says. A car with a bigger engine will cost you more than one with a smaller engine. The reason is simple. For instance, a 2-litre engine which gives you more horsepower will also burn more fuel. So, if fuel economy is your criteria, buy cars with smaller engines. Apart from this, if you need a car for travelling short distances, you should consider buying second-hand cars with smaller engines. And, if you like speed and long distances, consider bigger ones. Remember to check on your purpose once again.

4.      Check the CO2 emission

You most certainly have to pay for the pollution you create. Drivers whose cars emit the highest pollution pay the most road tax. You pay no tax if you buy a used car that produces less than 100g CO2. Therefore, check the CO2 emission of your vehicle to save money and nature.

5.      Smaller cars save on insurance

If you want a car with lesser maintenance, look for the smaller ones. Most of the time, cars that are smaller in size are cheap to cover. Simply put, a 4-wheeler will cost you far more than a regular town car. The car insurance system depends on safety features, performance, spare parts prices and the cost of the new model. Therefore, conduct a thorough research about everything before taking the final call.

6.      Get the timing right

When looking to buy a used car, wait for the perfect timing. Even though it’s difficult when you’ve made up your mind, the later months of the year are great options to buy. Many people prefer to exchange their old cars for new ones during this time, so dealers have more second-hand vehicles in stock. Also, holidays like Christmas, Diwali, Easter, and bank holidays get the dealers to offer larger discounts on the used car you want.

7.      Check the vehicle properly

When you’ve found your perfect car, it’s time to check a few key things. The list includes:

  • Interiors (stains, rips, scuffs, seats, boot)
  • Mileage
  • Electrics
  • Bodywork (scratches, dents, damage)
  • Lights (headlight, brake light, indicator light)

If you find rust around the car’s wheel arches, try and find another car in better condition. The point of doing all this is to ensure that the price matches the car’s overall condition.

8.      Diesel or Petrol?

Diesel engine cars are more fuel-efficient than the petrol-engines. So, as mentioned before, it depends on your needs. Many might prefer diesel over petrol or vice versa. A diesel engine is best suited for those who want a car to cater to long journeys and are willing to spend on fuel consumption. Petrol cars are good for short journeys and have cheaper fuel.

9.      Checklist the documents

When you buy a used car, check all the documents before making any payment. It is important as many dealers tend to scam you. Therefore, here’s the final checklist for you to tick off:

  • Car manual
  • V5C/ Logbook
  • Servicing booklet
  • Sales contract
  • Keys
  • Spares (a wheel with additional tools)
  • Finance package


10.  Give it a ride

You can only complete your car-buying journey with a good test drive. Moreover, doing this will assure you of its features, functionalities, and, most importantly, condition. You can get to observe its issues (if any). Try and test the car at different speeds and on different roads. Use the brake, acceleration, manoeuvring, brakes, etc.


Buying a car is a dream of many. Whether a new or used car, the vehicle must meet your taste and usability. We understand that buying a car for the first time can be quite challenging, so we have outlined all the important points you must consider before bringing home your dream vehicle.

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