The LINE – Neom, Mohammed bin Salman’s vision for a sustainable future

The LINE – Neom is a unique and innovative step towards creating a sustainable future for millions of people. Mohammed bin Salman, the Crowned Prince and Chairman of the NEOM Company Board of Directors has initiated this plan of action.

What is The LINE – Neom?

The LINE will particularly be a city of length 170 kilometres with around a million citizens. Its main focus will be to preserve 95% of the future with NEOM (New Future and New Enterprise Operating Model). The LINE will essentially comprise of ‘zero cars, zero streets and zero carbon emissions’.

Where is The LINE – Neom situated?

The LINE is situated in NEOM itself. It connects the coast of the Red sea with the mountains and upper valleys of the north-western region of Saudi Arabia. The LINE is located at the intersection of the world. This makes it a suitable habitat for this revolutionary project. Some notable advantages due to the location of this project are:

  • Over 40% of the world’s population will be enabled to set foot on NEOM’s outstanding territory in less than 4 hours.
  • 13% of the global trade have already been flowing via the Red sea.

the line - neom

Key factors of The LINE -Neom

  • Will run on 100% renewable energy. This will create harmony between a sustainable future for the environment and effective business development.
  • Scope for 380,000 new jobs, an increase in economic diversity and notable contribution of SAR 180bn to domestic GDP by the year 2030.
  • Necessary everyday commodities separated by a 5 minute walk.
  • Communities to be built around the citizens instead of cars.
  • A physical and digital layer of infrastructure smoothly amalgamated underneath the surface. It will comprise of vital commodities and services for transportation.
  • Ultra high speed mass transit approach towards communities.
  • A mixture of gardens, parks, open spaces, environment and long lasting food production services to ensure the harmony between nature and human needs.
  • The businesses and communities attached by a digital framework. This consists of Artificial Intelligence and robots that keep on growing and learning.
  • More than 90% of the total data at the NEOM will be surveyed in order to offer the citizens with a system that continuously improvises its services.
  • The LINE will create an overall self sufficient environment which will embody the lifestyle of the residents, the regions and the work industries.

The LINE – Neom contribution towards the growth and development of the business sector

The LINE will act as a centre for innovation and development. It will provide the business industries with an opportunity to conduct research, experiments, incorporate new technological ideas and execute them in order to accelerate the human lifestyle. Thus, this will not only upgrade human living standards but will also ensure the environment’s sustainability.

Incorporating business and industry into the core of the future communities will create a new perspective for supply chains. It will also lubricate advanced methods of working and labour. This will pave the way for budding entrepreneurs and will encourage them to nurture further possibilities.

Harmony between mankind and nature

The LINE aims to make use of delineations that cater to human needs the most. High level technologies and improved infrastructural designs are a major part of this project. This project will remodel the community with the utilization of mobility, 100% clean energy, artificial intelligence and robotics. All these factors will thereby lead to a sustainable future and clean environment.

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