Indian House v/s American House; Surprising differences that will Amaze you.

Indian House v/s American House; as we all see people want more modern techniques and they will chose the apartment and buildings which is modern and less cheap for future. But as Global warming is increasing people are shifting towards the houses that are eco-friendly. let’s see the difference between Indian house v/s American house.

In America people have started using all the techniques for eco-friendly, while in India people are also aware and giving doing it accordingly. Indian house v/s American houses are very different due to the lifestyle, temperature and according to the availability of the things.

Types of Houses in India

  • Palaces
  • Huts
  • Bungalows
  • Farmhouses
  • Apartment Or Flats
  • Villas
  • Condominiums
  • Penthouses
  • Studio Flats
  • Eco-friendly Homes

Types of houses in USA

  • Cape Cod Houses
  • Ranch Houses
  • Colonial Houses
  • Contemporary Houses
  • European Houses
  • Tudor-Style Houses
  • Queen Anne Houses
  • Mediterranean Houses
  • Prairie Houses
  • Mid-Century Modern Houses

There are different types of house, if we compare Indian house v/s American house it all depend on the factors.

Difference between Indian house v/s American House.

Indian house v/s American house

India Houses are made up of concrete, mud, bricks, etc. in India it is very hot. So, the concrete homes stay cooler. Wood is a huge problem in India.

While American Houses are built up of wood frame, plywood and sheetrock. Reason behind the wood frame houses are cheap and affordable and also the reason is material availability of concrete is less in America.

America’s most expensive city is San Francisco where you need to spend 79,600 Rs per sq meter because it is the most expensive and most popular city in America.

While in India the most expensive city is Mumbai where you need to spend 6,787 Rs per sq meter because Mumbai is a developing city and people want to live there.


In India people usually don’t prefer to use fire extinguishers and there is not boundation to use fire extinguishers.

While in America you can spot the Fire extinguisher in every house they use.

In India people use gas cylinders for cooking and for Indians it is the most convenient option.

But in America, there is natural gas pipe line system there people don’t need the gas cylinders. Many other countries use gas pipe line because it is the most convenient for gas.

In Indian homes you will see the terrace and people in India take it as a most factor before taking the house.

While in America there is no terrace in Homes because in winters snowfall is very heavy so that’s why have to make it in a hut shape.

In India people use A/C in every room and that fits best for their house. They prefer A/C for every room.

While in America, they prefer Central Heating system, from the pipe line that supply the air in the house and they think it’s cheap for them to use. Then having A/C in every room.

There are many differences in India and American houses because they follow very different trend and techniques as used in India.

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