The Story of Transformation; Dinesh Mohan Weight Loss Journey

‘‘Transformation was not that tough but, but when I tried to start walk again that was the toughest part’’- Dinesh Mohan.

One of India’s oldest ramp model Dinesh Mohan is an inspiration for everyone. Dinesh Mohan weight loss journey will always fascinate and motivate people.

From 103 kgs to 53 kgs at the age of 62.

At 62, Dinesh Mohan is ‘’young as hell’ and he wants to turn those dream into reality. But at 44, Dinesh Mohan was going through “the worst phase” of his life. “I suffered a personal loss after which, I was bedridden for a year,” he says. It was a more like a nightmare, devastated by death and failed relationship.

He was shattered and what actually destroyed him was a loss of the dear one, who was there with me, that relation was father and son’s relationship. His life was shattered complete. He was in depression and he didn’t feel like getting out of the bed or leaving my house.

Dinesh Mohan Weight Loss

Dinesh Mohan’s sister and brother-in-law took him to the psychiatric. As he was afraid of taking responsibilities and turing his life around. By his own confession, he would spend his days eating from their fridge as they worked. “I weighed 130 kgs and required assistance to stand up,” says Mr Mohan. Even if I command my body to walk he was unable to do that. That was the worst days of his life, ‘’when I realised if you lose your control of mind, then it starts to effect your body’’. He lost his motor function and was bedridden for many days.

The very fine morning, that changed everything in his life “You aren’t even trying to find a purpose. Can’t you see that you’re dying in this bed?” they told Mr Mohan (sister and brother –in-law) words that jolted him out of self-pity and motivated him to take charge of his life.

‘’To transform in terms of physically and mentally is the toughest job in the universe’’. He went to the dietician and began working out. From here Dinesh Mohan weight loss journey started, he motivated himself and want to transform and turn his dream into reality.

Over time he lost 50 kgs and his confidence grew. But the toughest part in Dinesh Mohan weight loss journey was to relearn how to walk.

Dinesh Mohan Weight Loss

After 12 years of darkness, at the age of 57 new Dinesh Mohan was born with more confidence, was dedicated to do something in life and fulfill his dreams into reality.

From Dinesh Mohan’s weight loss journey he started a new life, discovered himself. From not being able to walk, to walking the ramp was. When I was going to my physiotherapist, when I was learning how to walk. Physiotherapist father told me that why don’t you try in modeling’’.

Dinesh Mohan decided to try in modeling and “After the shoot, the photographers said, ‘You belong here!'”

Dinesh Mohan life changed from there from being in depression to the one of the oldest ramp model in India. He has also acted in films with Salman Khan and Rajnikant.

What it takes to be fit at 62, Dinesh Mohan’s weight loss is incredible and he is motivating so many people in so many ways, he is an perfect example of age doesn’t matter “Life begins at 40 and you are an epic example of that! Who says it’s ever late to begin, age is just a number,” Everyone is inspired from Dinesh Mohan’s weight loss journey. Now, Dinesh Mohan finally has something to look forward to.

My feet hurt, my shoes were torn, but I managed to climb the moon somehow, and mom your useless coin worked just worked somehow. Dinesh Mohan’s dreams are turning into reality.

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