Top 5 Headlines for Today the 14th May 2020

Well for us to grow in life, we always want to be ahead of everyone and in today’s world, it is always important to know what is going on in and around the world. And yes my friends reading the newspaper is too boring so here are the top 5 headlines of today:

  1. India to become the 12th Nation to register 75000 cases:

India became the 12th country to register 75000+ Corona Cases this Thursday and that too on the same day when India faced the maximum no of corona cases increase in a single day (4308) and maximum no. of deaths (140) in a single day. And as of today, we have 78003 cases out of which 26235 recovered and the total death count of 2549.

  1. The Lunch Box Connection, Nimrat Kaur comes across Irfan Khan’s Mural in Mumbai:

During an errand run today, Nimrat Kaur came across a house with Irfan Khan’s Mural drawn on the wall of the house, coincidently that place is very near to the place wherein the Movie lunch Box, the character of Sajan Fernandes stayed in the Movie in Ranwar Village. She paid her deepest condolence to her Co-star and gave heartfelt compliments to the artist.

  1. Indian Origin Engineer charged 10 Million dollars penalty for a Fraud:

Shashank Rai, aged 30 who lived in Texas is penalized for the violation of bank fraud, wire fraud, false statement to a financial institution, and false statement to an SBA (Small Business Administration). He fraudulently took millions of dollars of loan which was guaranteed by SVA under the Corona Virus Aid and Economic security (CARES) Act from two different banks claiming that 250 employees are earning t his company but no employee worked for his business and he will be prosecuted in the court.

  1. Woman falls in love and marries the man who saved her life:

Well, whenever we think of any love story, mostly fairy tales come in our mind but this is not a fairy tale but yet another amazing love story. A woman in Las Vegas was saved by a man during a mass shooting in 2017 at Harvest Musical Festival where a 64-year-old man started shooting at the people attending the concert from a nearby hotel so Austin Manfort saved Chantel Melanson at the concert and then they eventually fell in love and got married today.

  1. Actor Radha Ravi and his Family Quarantines in Kotagiri:

Actor Radha Ravi and his family were traveling from Chennai to Kotagiri recently after obtaining an e-pass from the Tamil Nadu Government and the villagers nearby informed the corporation officials of their arrival following which the entire family has been quarantined for 14 days like any other citizen who is traveling.

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