What are the Things You Should Look for in a New Smartphone?

Today, one cannot imagine going about their day without using their smartphone. From the moment we wake up, we rely on our smartphones to get through the day. Whether we want to check our work emails, or talk to a friend or a colleague, we have to depend on our mobile phones, making them indispensable. Furthermore, our smartphones also serve as our source of entertainment; most of us listen to music while commuting to work on our phones, while some of us watch movies, or stream the latest shows using our smartphone.

Thus, one has to be careful while purchasing a new smartphone. From understanding the phone’s features, to ensuring that the new smartphone has everything we would need, there are several things one should consider before making the purchase. With feature-rich smartphones now being made available at budget-friendly prices, we are spoilt for choice, which makes choosing a smartphone all the more difficult.

Here are a few things you should look for, while purchasing your new smartphone.


RAM Size

Smartphones today come with significantly higher RAM size than the yesteryear models. 8GB RAM phones have become the norm, with brands like Realme and Xiaomi offering 8GB RAM phones at affordable prices. Models like Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro and Realme X2 in particular have been a hit with the Indian consumers, enabling Xiaomi and Realme to capture a significant portion of the market share during the first quarter of 2020. Thus, one can now opt for an 8GB RAM phone, without having to spend exorbitant amounts.

storage capacity in smartphones

Storage Capacity

Today, we have millions of apps that we can download from either the App Store for iPhones, or the Google Play Store for smartphones that run on Android OS. Add to that, we usually store our favourite movies, music and other videos on our smartphone, which takes up a lot of storage space. The newer models offer at least 64GB internal storage capacity, while various smartphones also provide users the flexibility of expanding the storage space by using a microSD card. Thus, it is important that you choose a smartphone with adequate internal storage, or one that gives you the option of expanding the storage capacity via microSD card.

Processor in smartphones


Smartphones today come with fast processors, providing a smooth and seamless experience. Whether you want to multitask on your smartphone, or want your phone to have a quick response time, it is important for you to consider the CPU of your device. Furthermore, if you want to purchase a smartphone that is ideal for gaming, it is imperative that you go for a smartphone that either comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC, MediaTek Helio G90 and G90T chipsets, or the HiSilicon Kirin 990 SoC. Even their other versions, such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ SoC or the HiSilicon Kirin 980 SoC provide impressive performance, and ensure that your smartphone runs without any lags, while providing you with the best possible gaming experience.


Display Screen

If you want to purchase a new smartphone purely for communication purposes, you wouldn’t be too bothered with the phone’s display size. However, most consumers want to purchase a smartphone for multiple reasons; whether you want to draft an email on the phone, or want to work on your project thesis on-the-go using your smartphone, or just want to watch your favourite movie or stream your favourite show, it is important to select a smartphone that comes with at least a 6-inch display size. Most smartphones today come with a 6-inch display, as brands are focusing on producing smartphone models with a high screen-to-body ratio. Furthermore, flagship models usually sport either an OLED display, or a super AMOLED display with full HD resolution, providing consumers with a smartphone that will enable them to see every aspect and detail of a video with stunning clarity.

camera quality of phones

Camera Quality

Taking into consideration the fact that the younger audience is enamoured with selfies and uploading images onto their social media channels, camera quality has become an important factor for many while purchasing a new smartphone. Considering we now get smartphones with triple and quad-rear camera setups, along with excellent quality front cameras at pocket-friendly prices, it is important to choose a smartphone that comes with high-quality cameras. Models like Xiaomi Mi A3 and Realme 5s come with impressive camera setups, and are conveniently priced below Rs. 15,000.

Battery Capacity

Battery Capacity

We take our phones with us everywhere we go, and it is thus important to choose a smartphone with a long battery life. We can now purchase 6000mAh battery mobiles, such as Samsung Galaxy M31 and Tecno Spark Power, which are available for less than Rs. 20,000.

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