Top Signs that the Gold Coins NYC You are Buying Might be Fake

When the stock markets aren’t performing well, or people want a diverse investment portfolio, they turn to gold. It is a precious metal that looks good, is easy to store, and provides a nice return on investment in most cases. If you are an investor who prefers to buy Gold Coins NYC or invest in other forms of gold, then you should know that the instances of counterfeiting of gold are increasing these days, and fake gold is being pushed into the market as real.

To help you to stay away from cheats and scammers, we have mentioned below the top signs that the Gold Coins NYC you are buying might be fake. Read them all before you make the next gold purchase.

Unbelievable Prices

If you are buying Gold Coins NYC from some individual or entity for the first time and they are offering a price that is far lower than the market rates, then it is a possibility that you will be handed a fake product. Ever heard of the term “too good to be true”?  If so, apply it when you buy gold from a new seller. To avoid being conned this way, always check the prices of gold or any other precious metals you intend to buy before making the actual purchase.

Unwanted Rush

A person or entity who is selling real gold coins or wants you to Buy 1 Oz Pamp Suisse Silver Bar from them would let you explore their entire collection and take your time in making the decision. They would never rush the process. But if they try to pressurize you too much to buy from them and decide quickly, you should get suspicious and ask for more time. If they disagree, simply walk away from the deal.

Hiding the Purchase

Imagine that you have bought a precious metal from a seller, and when you were paying for it, the salesperson tried to switch the products or pack it under the shelf so that it can be hidden from your eyes. If that’s the case, you need to be cautious. Always see the precious metal getting packed for you and hold it in your hand before you make the payment to ensure that no one can switch it with a fake. As a buyer, it’s your right to hold your purchases once you have agreed to make the payment.

Random Tests

Sometimes, the seller of fake gold tries to prove that the gold is real by conducting tests like metal tests in front of your eyes to assure you that the gold is real. But you should not believe the results of these random tests as they can be misleading too. For instance, the magnetic test is okay in testing the purity of gold, but its results are not accurate if the fake gold has other non-magnetic metals that can’t be detected by using the metal test.

See the Images and Read the Facts

Read about the gold you are buying and see its images beforehand to ensure that you purchase the real thing. Also, look for the year embarked on the real gold coins and learn it’s features like shape, size, edges, etc. so that you can spot any mistakes. For instance, the fake 1906 American Silver Eagles were once used to cheat people. They were fake as The Silver Eagle wasn’t even minted until the year 1986.

Protect Your Investment – Buy from Reliable Source Only

If you want to be 100% sure that you are buying the real stuff when you invest in precious metals like you decide to Buy 1 Oz Pamp Suisse Silver Bar, you should only trust a responsible seller like The New York Gold Company. The seller is preferred by scores of customers belonging to the New York and surrounding neighborhoods. In addition to amazing customer testimonials.  It has also got an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Anyone can buy precious metals from the seller by visiting the shop or via online purchase or even via the phone. The purchase process is simple and the executives are always eager to help. Even the deliveries are safer and faster than other sellers in the vicinity. Call them now!

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