This Festive Season, Why Should You Buy A Two-wheeler?

If you want to buy a two-wheeler this festive season, then you are in luck because automakers are offering the best benefits ever. It is the last-ditch effort by auto companies to increase their sales in a financial year that has been marked by production cuts and unsatisfactory purchases. The festive season has always been the busiest period for automakers as many Indians buy new two-wheelers, cars, home appliances, and therefore the customers can avail attractive offers and discounts on their purchase. 


Why Buy A Two-wheeler During This Festive Season?


  • The automakers are hopeful of making huge sales this festive season because of attractive offers, and discounts. Also, good monsoon, Dussehra followed by Diwali fall in October. So, it’s a perfect time to purchase a brand new bike with a two-wheeler loan. One can avail two-wheeler loan and buy their dream bike in this season.


  • The two-wheeler companies have seen incredible growth in the sector over the years. And it is now ready to attract the customers with exciting offers. According to SIAM, the sales of two-wheelers in the market was around 1,81,25,656 units in the period of April to January in the current fiscal year as compared to 1,67,71,630 units in the same period last fiscal. It implies an overall growth of 8.07 per cent.


  • This festive season, two-wheeler makers have launched too many new vehicles. Many manufacturers have started refreshing their best selling products with cosmetic upgrades like new variants and new colour schemes. So, it’s an excellent opportunity to buy your dream bike.


Why is buying a two-wheeler a good option?


  • Using a two-wheeler in heavy traffic areas can save you a reasonable amount of time in travelling. 
  • A two-wheeler does not need too much parking space, which makes it an ideal choice for travel on city roads.
  • Two-wheelers also provide you increased mileage and hence, making it relatively affordable as you can save on fuel costs.


Why insure your two-wheeler?


Now, buying a two-wheeler also comes with a fair share of responsibility, like buying two-wheeler insurance and riding responsibly. The number of road deaths in India has increased rapidly over the years. So, it has been made compulsory by the government to issue third-party bike insurance to protect the life of the citizens against any mishaps.


Why Avail for a Bike Loan To Purchase a two-wheeler?


  • Zero Financial Stress:

You can avail of a bike loan to reduce your financial stress as you don’t have to pay for the two-wheeler all at once. You can quickly repay the loan through monthly instalments, and at the same time, you can use the funds to cover other expenses. You can calculate the amount that needs to be paid as monthly instalments using a bike loan EMI calculator.


  • Numerous Options:

This festive season, the lenders are offering tons of attractive offers and affordable interest rates on a two-wheeler loan. And, they even club insurance products with two-wheeler loans. So, it’s a great time to avail for a two-wheeler loan and buy a bike of your choice.   


  • Convenience:

Since the cost of a two-wheeler is significantly lower in comparison to a car, paying EMIs every month won’t even burn a hole in your pocket.


  • Flexibility:

Two-wheeler Loans offers flexible tenure. The loan tenure ranges from 12 months to 48 months, making it convenient for you to repay the loan without any burden. 


  • CIBIL Score:

If you are looking to take out a loan for the very first time, a two-wheeler loan could be an excellent opportunity to start your credit journey. Since these loans are comparatively easy to repay within a short period, you can ramp up your credit score quickly.




Purchasing a bike has many benefits, and this festive season brings an excellent opportunity to all the thrill-seekers and young professionals to buy their dream bike at an affordable rate. One should buy something which will benefit them in Future.


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