Top 6 Best Direct Sales Planners of 2020

Finding the Best Direct Sales Planners: Finding the right direct sales and direct marketing planner includes setting high standards with intact criteria suitable to the business. The skills, qualifications, and experience of the sales planner must be suitable for the business model and its ultimate objective. 

Many planners from across the globe acquire sales coaching and mentoring to improve their sales process and marketing methodologies. It contributes towards the development of new sales channels as well as an assurance of effectiveness with the former channels. 

Sales and marketing trends are evolving and transforming at a rapid pace as nothing else. Event marketing strategies and web marketing ideas bring evolution to the promotional methods on the daily basis.

Following is the sequence of 6 best direct sales planners that you can find for your business in 2020:

1. CEO of ME- Printable Efficiency Systems and Planning:

An introvert from the USA initiated an effective structure and planning via introducing herself through an official website. Consumers rank her services and direct sales planning as upgrading and uplifting commercial experiences. 

The idea of joining a direct sales company intrigued her a while after losing her former job. Her efficacy, management skills, and innovation still assist her in earning the highest of compensations. 

This planner is a creation of her very own. It continues to assist her in keeping the track of her business organization. She intends to benefit other business corporations via this digital direct sales and marketing planner.


It is a famous seller with a handful of diversity in terms of planners and tools for business organizations. It’s functioning as a direct sales planner is extensively popular on its website as well as it’s the current customer base. This planner operates within a niche, introducing the distinctive elements of diversity and differentiation with its operational niche.

Paperlypeople produces simplistic and minimally designed planners for their consumers. It reduces the traits of complexity and furtherance in designs. Therefore, it operates with a valuable function of specialization, increasing efficiency, and investment in the procedure. 


A business must select ONE option among many others, that suits its objectives and operations. Kitlife assists businesses willing to operate at a larger scale within a market. It allows them to add on to their planning structures and organization from time to time. 

Businesses are able to acquire extensive direct sales planning via this tool. Direct sales businesses are able to plan their sales and operate according to the availability of financial budgets. 


This name is one of the widely recognized names in the world of direct selling businesses. Her planners continue to acquire recognition from all over the globe on the basis of their unique management styles, organization, and innovation. 

Consumers refer to her planners as “life planners”. They are not generally designed to fulfill the purpose of direct selling officially. However, an extreme number of direct sellers benefit from their previous availability and usage. It distinctively operates with diversity and manageable templates. Consumers are probable to experience an absence of experiential concerns while using this planner.

5. The 12 Months Planner- Law Of Attraction:

Consumers experience loyalty and awareness concerning this brand due to its uniqueness and extremely distinct features. The current consumer base claims this experience to be so outclassed that one might never want to use another planner again.

Direct sellers appear to use this planner massively in comparison to other market segments. No matter one holds a belief in the law of attraction or not, this planner is a design made for direct sellers. 


This is one of the highly fun, differentiated, and unique best direct sales planners you might ever come across as a direct seller. It includes fun elements, vibrant colors, and attractive polka dots acting as a sign of the company.

It operates on a grand scale and serves businesses operating at various scales. It massively benefits businesses with their monopolistic behaviors through immense creativity and distinctiveness. 

Businesses, therefore, are able to market their products coarse effectively. They are probable to attain an increasing level of consumer base and return on investment gradually. 

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