Enhance Loyalty with Omnichannel Call Center Software for Ecommerce

The number of ecommerce operators increases to grab a slice of the estimated 2 billion dollar ecommerce market and the number of shoppers buying online increases exponentially and so does their dissatisfaction. 80% leave because of poor customer experience at different points of their journey and only 2.86% of visits convert to a sale with different underlying reasons of which communication and customer experience are just two. You can remedy this with the help of omnichannel contact call center software.

The outbound customer experience in Call Center Software

Customers Choose, You Follow

Customers may choose any channel to initiate contact and ecommerce operators must follow. Today’s customers may start exploring on social media or use their mobile phones to navigate to your ecommerce site. Then they may start an online chat or phone or simply prefer to Whatsapp you. Are you available at all times? If you use only IVR and phone then you are likely to lose out. Implement omnichannel inbound call center software and you can respond regardless of whether it is email or phone and do it in real time. You can switch lanes according to customer preferences and deliver a delightful experience, even going so far as to use the WebRTC video within video to show a product demo in a personalized interaction that will lead to an immediate sale.

The outbound customer experience in Call Center Software


Evergage/Researchscape International 2018 study found that 98% of marketers strongly favored personalization for customer satisfaction and retention. How does contact center software assist in personalizing customer experiences? There are various touch points:

  • Suppose an existing customer calls and the call goes into the IVR. If it is part of the inbound call center software connected to the CRM then the system fetches customer records and greets caller by name based on identification of phone number.
  • You could interact on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram from a single dashboard of the software to build rapport and then gently steer customer to email or phone or to your ecommerce site and down the sales funnel. This is followed up with a thank you SMS and email.
  • A brief survey after an interaction to find out preferences of customers also helps to gather personalized data.
  • Video chat for complaint resolution, possibly a conference call involving a senior decision maker leads to positive outcomes during first call and satisfaction.
  • Visitors may engage first through chat and are then handled by a live agent in a live chat to resolve all queries and deliver a speedy, satisfactory response.
  • Customers may air complaints or queries on social media. Do not wait for them to come to you. Go out and engage proactively with their tweets or posts and you will find them happily surprised at your interest.
  • Configure and set up the intelligent automatic call distributor and skill based mapping so that any incoming calls always go to a person capable of handling the caller’s queries. Go a step further to assign the same agent to a customer. Customers like to talk with someone who has previously handled their case.

Customer satisfaction is not limited to inbound queries and responses. You can just as well use the features of outbound call center software to deepen engagement.


The outbound customer experience in Call Center Software

Your omnichannel contact center software has a slew of features, some of which may be underused but which could be put to good use for enhanced customer satisfaction experiences while grabbing new leads.

  • Use the SMS broadcast functionality to draw from the list of contacts in your CRM and design surveys or to send across news and offers or just SMS messages to greet on birthdays and festivals. Maintaining connections goes a long way in keeping customers happy.
  • Efforts to get new customers should always be an ongoing process with any ecommerce operator. With the outbound call center software in place it should be an easy matter to set up campaigns from phone contacts you have in your CRM or feed in externally compiled lists into the CRM and set up a call schedule that is handled by the IVR part. Called parties have the option to show interest and allow an agent to interact. Such transactions go into your CRM for follow up and analytics.

analytics for customer support

Analytics is important for CX and customer satisfaction

Periodic review is essential for ecommerce operators to know how they fared in delivering an outstanding customer experience. In fact, you can do it at the end of each day or session through the analytics feature of the contact center solution. It is important to know percentage of satisfactory resolution, conversion, time you spend on each customer and other data to iron out wrinkles.

The call center software is a versatile, multi-functional, Swiss army knife tool for customer experiences. Use all the features to the fullest from the customer experience perspective and you will find higher percentages of customer satisfaction levels.

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