Watch Out For These 5 Biggest Women Watch Trends In 2022

Ladies! Aren’t you all tired of people saying that watches are for men? More than any fancy piece of jewellery you put on your wrist, a luxury timepiece declares your personality like none. You get to choose whether it is a rainbow-coloured style or a dazzling diamond watch piece from famous luxury watch brands.

There’s no better way to amp up your outfit than a head-turning watch that will instantly draw your attention. From stunning Cartier timepieces to innovative Rolex and stylish Breitling timepieces, there are dozens of styles and designs to choose from.

If you want to announce your style, a statement luxury watch makes it possible in all the right ways. Invest in yourself by investing in one of the luxury watches, as you can always draw a hefty amount when you sell your watch while flaunting it on your wrist.

Here we have selected some of the best watches following the latest trends.

Finest 5 Women Watches Across The Latest 2022 Trends

1.      Mood-Boosting ‘Rainbow Dials’

Design and colour collaborations have taken every industry by storm. Selecting a particular colour or font sets the tone for the year, and several luxury brands welcome this change for the good. For instance, when Patek Philippe discontinued the Nautilus Ref. 5711, it soon joined Tiffany & Co to launch a Tiffany-blue dial variant.

Colourful dials send good and fun vibes and are an excellent way to spice up any outfit. With many luxury brands offering rainbow-coloured dials, we pick the Rolex Oyster Perpetual for you. You can explore multiple options in various vibrant colours like red, yellow, purple, green and blue, amongst many others.

Rolex is a top-notch watch brand, and the Oyster Perpetual spoils you with dial colour options.

oyster perpetual coulourful dial (1)

2.      Envious ‘Green & Blue’

Green and Blue are the two colours that have recently gained much attention. Firstly, there was blue, and now green has similar hype in the watch industry. Both symbolise calm and sustainability and many brands have served delectable watches in both shades.

There are various shades of blue and green, offering different vibes. For instance, a pastel shade provides an exotic lush look, whereas a darker tone makes a bold statement. The cool undertones seem less flashy, which works wonderfully to match many outfit options.

Keeping in mind the diverse taste and preferences, we suggest Cartier’s Tank Must with a fantastic green hue. The green dial matching the green leather strap looks classic and has a lesser-on-the-face appearance. You can wear it with almost any outfit to add that special touch.

3.      Interesting Power Of Flower

If not in everything, an exquisite flora and fauna design on a watch is sure to get your attention. If you’re keen to invest in a women’s timepiece that gives you all the flowery feeling, then Van Cleef & Arpels’s ‘Lady Arpels Day And Night Fee Ondine’ timepiece is a stunning on-trend pick.

The beautiful amalgamation of white gold, sapphire, diamond, Mother of Pearl, Tsavorite and Spessartite symbolises the power of hope and joy. The dial shows a fairy sitting on the top of a lily pad while she refreshes herself in the water. The sun completes the full circle from dawn to dusk before disappearing over the horizon and welcoming a full moon.

The pink flowers amidst the blue water look enchanting. If you want something unique and attention-grabbing, the Van Cleef & Arpels’s ‘Lady Arpels Day And Night Fee Ondine’ watch is the best way to make a statement.

lady van cleef and arpels watch (1)

4.      Classic Cocktail Hour Scenes

The cocktail hour calls for full-on glamour, isn’t it? So, you need a watch that matches your mood and becomes the ‘wow’ centrepiece in the room. How about an exciting and dazzling dial to boost the visual factor? Yes, ladies, we’re talking about your best friend, ‘Diamonds’.

Diamonds stand out irrespective of the shape, design or size. There are plenty of choices with intricate diamond detailing. However, we put forward Cartier’s iconic Tank to do the good deed. Sport a fresh and feminine watch with the Cartier Coussin. The watch has a soft round case that appears like a cushion. You can avail of it in steel or gold and with or without diamonds.

But, as we said, diamonds do the talking. So, pick the diamond-studded Coussin with diamonds evenly set on the bezel, which stands out against the blue strap.

5.      Pearls Of  Joy For The Queen

Isn’t there something mystical about Pearls? Whether it is their origin or colour, there’s a certain air of romance surrounding Pearls that convey glamour. Rolex offers the famous ‘Mother of Pearl’ dial as a flag bearer of all things unique. It comes from inside the abalone and oyster shells, and no two Mother-of-Pearls are alike.

As fantasising as it sounds, the best MOPs come in various tones, from shimmering silvers to opalescent grey and milky whites. You can find them in some of the most sought-after Rolex models.

Pick the Datejust 31 dazzling with Mother-of-Pearl’s shine. The watch comes in a 31mm 18ct yellow gold case with diamonds on the bezel. The unique mother-of-pearl dial has a silky finish with diamonds set as hour markers. You can also find a date aperture at 3 o’clock. A watch like this will enhance your appearance tenfold.


Whether you are a follower of trends or believe in trend-setting yourself, the watches listed above will diligently assist you in both. If you have an eye for style, Cartier watches will suit just fine, or if you want to follow the hottest trend yet make a statement, there’s nothing better than a Rolex to do the talking. The choice is always yours!

And, if you want an investment timepiece, our selection takes care of that too! All the brands mentioned above have high demand and hold great value. This means you can always sell luxury watches to earn a good return!

Remember, your luxury watch will always add to your style effortlessly, even if the trends fade.

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