Why not grow your all-time favorite potatoes at your house garden? 

One should utilize one’s free time in learning new skills, especially the students who are free and are bored of sitting at home as the schools and institutions have not opened yet. They can learn practical skills, like cooking, driving, gardening, etc. This will help in their overall development. If they are learning something online, they should practice it. For example, if they are learning gardening, they should grow some plants. If they are doing it for the first time, they can order plants online and take care of them. They will not regret spending money on them as this can be productive work. In this way, they can first learn to take care of plants. Then, they can start growing vegetables. Among vegetables, potatoes are favorite of all and mostly eaten by people. 

What do you know about potatoes?

Potatoes can fill your stomach if you are feeling hungry. This vegetable can solve the problem of starvation in the world. That could be the reason we see them everywhere like French fries, chips, or in burgers. These are some of the most grown crops around the globe. We consume them almost every day. Potatoes are not the fruits of the plant. These are basically tubers that grow underground along with the root of the potato plant. Roots of plants take the nutrients and water from the soil and store them in tubers of the plant. The potato is a tuber of its plant has more starch content in it because it has nutrients and water. 

On the other hand, the fruits of potato plants look like small green tomatoes, but they should never be eaten at all because they are poisonous. All the other parts of a potato plant can be harmful if consumed. 


How can potatoes be grown? 

One can grow potatoes from potatoes. Does it seem strange to you? Potato can be grown from its seeds as well, which are in its fruit but it is not mostly grown from its seeds because yield can be different from the original potato. Therefore, potatoes are used to grow more potatoes, and in this one can multiply its number. Potatoes require cool weather. Thus these can be grown in the winter season. 

  • Kind of soil for potato 

You should prefer growing the potatoes in the ground soil and not in a small pot because potatoes require deep soil. You can put some amount of organic fertilizers in the soil 

  • Planting potatoes in the soil 

You can cut potatoes in such a way each piece should have an eye or two on it from where the plant grows. Next, you should sow these pieces a little deep in the soil and then cover with a layer of soil or compost 

  • Growth of potato plant

It can take about 3 to 4 months for potato plants to grow old. You can take out potatoes when you see the leaves are turning brown. Small plants of potato can be bought from the market, so if you prefer, you can buy indoor plants online or from the market. You can purchase small plants of any veggie from nurseries. 

What are the varieties of potatoes?

We see the normal yellow-colored potato in the market, which sometimes has an oval shape or round shape. We just differentiate them on the basis of their shapes, but who knows, these can be different varieties of potato. Potatoes can have different varieties that may vary in color or shape. 

Some varieties of potato are Austrian Crescent, Hannah sweet potato, Russet, Red gold, purple majesty, Russian banana, Japanese sweet potato, Sweet potato, Kennebec, French fingerling, and Nor land red. Sweet potato is a kind of potato which you love because of its sweetness. There are also some kinds of potatoes which are of red or purple color. This can be quite surprising for those who have seen the common yellow colored potato.


Are potatoes good for health? 

Potatoes are a good source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin c, fiber and other vitamins. You will not feel hungry after eating potato, so this can reduce your appetite and consequently helps in decreasing weight. However, if potatoes are fried as in the case of French fries and chips, they will lose many of these properties and the amount of calories will increase. Potatoes contain a huge amount of water and this water is lost after frying. Some nutrients of a potato can be lost even after boiling but this is much better than frying. The best way to get all the nutrition from the potato is by eating them after baking. 


Potatoes can be used in most of the dishes as it can adjust in every type of dish. Other than its health benefits, this can also be applied on skin lightening dark patches, removing acne scars and to cleanse the skin. 


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