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Poonam Pandey left for her Heavenly Abode on 2nd Feb 2024

The Actress Poonam Pandey dies at the age of 32 due to cervical cancer. This is very shocking for the fans that their favorite actress left us at a very young age. Her death was confirmed by her team this Friday.

Poonam use to stay in Mumbai with her Husband and her family is from Kanpur. After all the controversies.

All You Need to Known About Poonam Pandey

Early Life

Actress Poonam Pandey was born in Kanpur on 11th March  1991. She was a Pisces and known to be a very strong women emotionally. She always aspired to be a Model and make her career into the Glam World.

Career Path of our beloved Poonam

Started modeling at the age of 19, She was one among the top 9 contestants of Gladrugs Manhunt and Megamodel Contest. Poonam Pandey also appeared on the coverpage of the Fashion Magazine Gladrungs.

Actress hit the limelight when she was posting her Semi-nude photos on her social media account and announced that she will be stripping for the Indian National Cricket Team if they bring the world cup. Also Equally Important is that she did not keep her promise stating that BCCI didn’t grant her permission to do the same. The Actress did upload her video where she was seen stripping at the Wankhede Stadium at Night in Mumbai.

Above All, in 2012 the actress posed nude when Kolkata Knight Riders Won the IPL and Poonam Pandey also launched an App which was banned by Google for not meeting their terms and conditions but the App is still there on her website.

Bollywood Debut of Poonam Pandey

In 2013, Poonam made her debut in Hindi Film Industry with the movie Nasha. The posters of the movie attracted a lot of controversy and the public removed those posters from many places due to their anger and non-acceptance of her role. Shiv Sena General Sectary also announced that they will not encourage such hoardings in the city and ask them to remove.

Not only in bollywood, Poonam also acted in Kannada, Bhojpuri and Telugu movies like Love is Poison, Adalat, Malini and Co., Aa Gaye Hero, GST- Galti Sirf Tumhari, The Journey of Karma and so on.

Married Life of Poonam

Married her long-term boyfriend Sam Bombay in an Intimate ceremony due to the Pandemic on 1st September 2020. Sam is a movie director. The actress was married to the love of her life and was living a very happy married life, However few days after her wedding, Poonam also filed a complaint against her Husband Sam Bombay for molesting and assaulting her. He was arrested in Goa on 23rd September.

The couple sparked this controversy when Sam was out on bail and then the couple had talked things out and started living together again where Poonam was trolled a lot by the people on social media for accepting whatever the man did and then encouraging such incidents.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where was Poonam Pandey Born?

A: Poonam Pandey was born in Kanpur on 11th March 1991.

Q: Was Poonam Pandey Married?

A: Poonam married her long term boyfriend Sam Bombay.

Q:Where does Poonam Panday stays after Marriage?

A: Poonam stays with her husband in Mumbai.

Q: Why does Poonam Pandey have so many controversies?

A: Poonam use to post semi- nude pictures on her social media which led to many controversies.

Q: How did Poonam Pandey Died?

A: Poonam Pandey Died due to Cervical Cancer.

Q:Why was Poonam Pandey so Famous?

A: Poonam Pandey was known to do bold bikini shoots.


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