Dubai Expo 2021: “Connecting Minds, Creating Future”

The city which has changed into a global destination, having marvelous infrastructure and development which they have acquired in less than half a century. Apart from the covid-19 the current talk of the world is Dubai Expo. Many where disappointed in the cancellation of Expo 2020 Dubai due to the pandemic. This year the people all around the world are going to witness Dubai Expo 2021.

What is Dubai Expo 2021?

  • The first expo that is going to be held in the MESA region which includes of Africa and the Middle east.
  • From over 190 countries are going to attend this event from all over the world.
  • This is an international event where the main purpose is in connecting people from all over the world.
  • Dubai Expo 2021 is going to be held in Dubai, UAE and it’s going to be recognized as the world’s greatest show which Dubai will be hosting.
  • Experiencing world-class science and celebrating human brilliance, technology, culture, innovation and invention are the main highlights of the event.
  • The theme for this year’s Dubai Expo 2021 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the future”

Passengers travelling to Dubai from October 1st till March 31st 2022 can ascertain one pass for each person

Isn’t it exciting to hear? As Dubai Expo 2021 is nearing, Emirates Airline has given us another reason to be excited about it by providing day passes to passengers to attend the ‘World’s Greatest Event’.

“If you’re flying with us to Dubai between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2022, we’re giving you one complimentary Expo 2020-day pass for each person in your booking. Use your ticket to enjoy Expo 2020 on any day you choose,” Emirates Airline said on its website.

How do we claim the passes?

By entering the details of each individual and they will mail the ticket and if there has been cancellation or change of flights your day pass will be eliminated but we can reclaim it by again entering the details with accepting the terms and conditions the airline mentioned.

Dubai Expo 2021 tickets prices and discounts:

The tickets went on sale throughout the world on 18th July which is categorized into 3 tiers. The prices are as follows:

  • starting prices of one-day tickets are Dh95 ($26)
  • multi-day tickets, offering unrestricted entry for 30 consecutive days, are priced at Dh195 ($53)
  •  with unlimited entry for the entire six months of Expo 2020, starting price of the season tickets are Dh495 ($135).
  •  including permission to enter all the pavilions, events and live performances.
  • These tickets will make you witness up to 60 live events, music from all around the globe, dance and art consisting of national day celebrations.

Under the age of 18 children and students having a valid student ID from any institution will be given free entry. Passengers aged 60 years and above can also have free entry.

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