How to Create a Comfortable Workspace?

How to create cosiness in an office if the business owner does not have enough resources to rent elite space, where all the amenities are provided at the design stage? In fact, it is not impossible to carry out the necessary repairs yourself, given several important aspects.

Head office

As a rule, management offices are equipped with more expensive furniture and appliances. This is done not so much to satisfy the ambitions of managers, but to demonstrate the welfare and strong position of the organization. In addition, impressive, expensive furnishings create an intuitive distance between the manager and the subordinates.

Working areas

Working areas

If you prefer a western (open) layout, it is worth dividing the workplaces of your employees with at least conventional partitions. Just like how many email marketing agencies have done it.

Studies have shown that the majority of employees consider sufficient lighting, absence of noise, and the presence of air purifiers and air conditioners as necessary conditions (according to sanitary standards, a comfortable temperature for a person in an office is 23-25 ​​° C).

Working areas in office

Common Halls

Conference rooms and other common working areas are equipped depending on the needs of the company. For example, if you do not hold several meetings with partners every day, then most likely you do not need a separate meeting room. Many mid-level business owners prefer to use a multifunctional convertible hall.

When designing the filling of the hall, you need to ask yourself several important questions:

  • Whether your activity involves inviting guests, including journalists
  • Are the walls strong enough to mount a video wall, projector, screen in the selected room?
  • Do you need a tribune, a presidium?
  • Whether it is necessary to equip each place with communication systems, if so, how to lay the cables

reading area in office

Archive and library

Not many owners think about the need for a small isolated room where an employee could work with documentation, training materials and other information carriers. Meanwhile, a comfortable reading corner can increase the efficiency of projects, especially if they involve analytical or other activities that require maximum focus.

Command capsule

Command capsule

This is the name of a small fenced-off space designed for short-term teamwork of several people: coordination of project participants, briefing, brainstorming. Why do I need a separate zone? An office worker spends an average of eight hours a day at the workplace. Psychologists believe that zoning brings variety to the routine and improves work efficiency. It is not necessary to allocate a special room for a capsule; you can conditionally separate an empty corner.

The waiting area in office

The waiting area

Arrangement of a waiting area for visitors is important: it serves as a presentation of the company, and in addition, ensures a calm work of employees: clients waiting for their turn or paperwork are in the place assigned to them, and not standing “over their souls” at the tables.

It is believed that when choosing furniture for the waiting area, one should give preference to laconic but comfortable models: classic sofas and armchairs are rather bulky and inconvenient to clean.

Restroom in office


For comfortable work in the office, the team needs to have a cosy, convenient place for eating and resting.

A well-thought-out kitchen area promotes unloading, helps socialization, adaptation of new employees, encourages discussion of work issues in a relaxed atmosphere.

Today, the owner does not need to rack his brains over an office kitchen project: the market offers an abundance of offers from various furniture companies that perform the entire range of work from design to installation of furniture and household appliances.


What content should a comfortable office have? The interior of the room is largely determined by the owner’s taste preferences, but the designers recommend adhering to a laconic style: emphatically luxurious, pompous attributes are no longer in vogue.

A comfortable office must be equipped with ergonomic, solid furniture, trim in light (but not dull) colours, good ventilation and lighting equipment.

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