Now the wedding day is going to approach soon and the flower plays a really important role in that. The bridal bouquet has to be amazing but you need to see how you are going to approach that. If you have a friend who is getting married soon and you want to show support then you can send flowers to delhi or wherever they live.

The flowers are just beautiful the way they are, but putting them in a bouquet is just something beautiful and you can always do that when it comes to it. The bouquets play a major role in the wedding and it is necessary that we all remember that. When it comes to the flowers we all are just puzzled about that.

It is alright no everyone knows everything about the flowering world. There are times when we all are perplexed about the type of flowers we should have, especially if you are having a hard time in distinguishing a dahlia and daisy so here are few bouquets that you can go for which will actually help you out in choosing the perfect bouquet for your wedding:



You can go for the round bouquet as they are known for their perfect balance of the foliage and the flowers that are there. When it comes to that, they look perfect in any way and on any dress that you and they are the classic choice as well. Mostly the bouquets are often seen in this manner. You can always ask about this when you are going for the bridal bouquet. The flowers which are a lot common when it comes to this are the roses as they have been known to fill up the bouquet and the anemones, they are again beautiful but you can also opt for the ranunculus as they also resemble the rose.


The cascades are just popular and they add a classical look to if you are in an elegant wedding where there is a garden where you have to put the flowers, this is known to form the upside down teardrop shape and almost any flower will look beautiful in his. This bouquet is usually hand tied but you can also go with the silver handle if you wish to but it will look really beautiful with the wedding gown as this bouquet has a beautiful greenery to it and there are the flowers along with that.


These are just beautiful and traditional as well. These bouquets are just the same as the round bouquets and they are beautifully cut. They are just put together tightly and they are just really beautiful. They are just put together with a wire or the paper. You can always choose the white flowers, the white roses and the lily of the valley if you wish to add. They are just going to be perfect. You can always go for the best florists in bangalore & online flower delivery in mumbai.


They are small and ribbon tied and are also round bouquets they are just perfect the ribbon acts like a tail. This is perfect for the bride and the bridesmaids as well if they are thinking about having a group picture together. The foliage is prettyless as compared to the other bouquets and the rest is the same. The flowers which are considered usually are heavily petalled and are bulbous in nature like the roses and the peonies. The ranunculus is also a perfect choice. Make sure that the flowers that you are choosing are fresh in nature and are perfect according to you.


When we talk about the bouquets like these we see how the greenery and the flowers and all are just put into shape all at weird angles so this makes the bouquet all hard to figure out you can always opt for this arrangement if you wish to. These bouquets also have a touch of elegance and will just remind you of the beauty that is bound to stay even in the form of the shapeless thing that is there. The best part is that the window for experimentation is open here so you can always go for that. Make sure that you are choosing the bouquet according to your choice.

Wedding bouquet are just a once in a lifetime thing, make sure that the flowers you are choosing are just beautiful, fresh and according to your choice, if you want to go with something traditional then also you have an option to consider if you want to choose the option of experimenting then also you can go for the contemporary bouquets. So it’s time for you to prepare for the wedding. Good luck!


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