How to Get the Best Bengali Wedding Photoshoot

Best Bengali Photoshoot – Every Wedding hall in Kolkata sees plenty of weddings each year. Especially, when it is a bong Wedding.

To keep these memories right inside your mind and obviously intact inside a wedding album, you need to get the best Bengali wedding photography.

Might sound easy to others but it is one of the most difficult tasks that need to be. Done right before the day.

Not just the wedding hall event  but also a series of pre-wedding shoots associated with it.

1.  Lighting

A wedding is incomplete without having good pictures clicked so that you can remember and cherish it for the rest of your life.

To do that there are some necessary things one needs to follow to get the best wedding photographs and one of them is good lighting. When it comes to lighting, natural light is always best.

During the day sticking close to the windows is really effective. For a warm coloured glow, Uplight the walls with pink or blue but always keep the overhead lights white for an effective look.

During sunny days. Using a reflector gives more exposure and instead of using bare flash, manual flash is more preferable. Making most out of the existing light is always good as it gives an authentic and natural look.

best bengali photograph

2.  Matching attire

When it comes to clothing in a wedding, it generally dictates how smart or relaxed you can be with your clothes on. So the best option is to keep your outfit with neutral colour and there won’t be too many complaints.

Make sure that both the person has matching and comfy attire so you can maneuvers your body and in that way you will also be able to get some good pictures clicked for a long run as you have to go through the whole day.

3.  Hire professionals

Always hire a professional hairstylist and makeup artist for the entire party. It will add a positivity to your photography and will help you to get those perfect wedding photographs.

A well trained and experienced makeup artist knows their job to accentuate your best features for the photographs.

4.  Decoration of the day

A well decoration is the key element of a successful wedding. So always hire a good wedding decorator to decorate your event.  A decorator exactly knows your demands and gives his or her best to impress you.

Ultimately it will help your photographer to get some best pictures clicked in collaboration with your decorator. A well decorated wedding will always compliment the photos being clicked.

Decoration of the day

5.  Poses and inspiration

A good pose is necessary in a photo and the best photos look natural so one shouldn’t overthink. Practice good posture, arching your back while sitting down will give you a more confident look and when being photographed stop thinking that you are being clicked and stay relaxed.

Out of all this, the most important weapon you got is your smile. Nothing will make you more beautiful than your smile does. Before going for the big day and getting clicked by the best Photographer in the city, don’t forget your personal homework. Surf through photographs from other Photographers and couples for your own help.

Make Pinterest your most used application before the wedding day. Bengali wedding photography should be your main search for inspiration. The poses, and quality of their content shall help you in your wedding poses.

Wedding hall stands at an important space when it is about clicking photographs for the best deal of Instagram show-off.

Bengali wedding photography is not a very easy piece of cake, because it consists of a few more steps from your side before the Photographer.

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