How To Migrate From Joomla to WordPress [SEO Perspective]

One of the most robust platforms is Joomla. Furthermore, many people choose WordPress over Joomla for some common reasons, including its applications, flexibility, and simplicity. It can be challenging when it comes to migrating from one platform to another, but you don’t need to worry as we have got your back.

Introduction to Migration From Joomla to WordPress:

This post is perfect for you if you are looking for some easy tips for migrating from Joomla to WordPress.  We are here to cover migration from a different perspective that is an SEO perspective. The staffing agency is more focused about Joomla to WordPress conversion due to the following reasons:

  • Managing SEO presence- There should be some visibility for the keywords if you want to maintain organic traffic.
  • Functionality- Ideally, the client shortlists the resumes via an installed Joomla form. To do the same, WordPress will play a crucial role.
  • Appearance- No doubt, the site looks presentable, but the client will always wish to make it more appealing from an SEO point of view. A well-maintained site should also offer a professional vibe.

Site structure challenges when it comes to migrating from Joomla to WordPress:

  • Page templates- It is essential to manage a functioning page temple if you consider migrating from Joomla to WordPress. The challenges under page templates include that the design of the model shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Internal linking- Platform alterations lead to some changes in the linking structure of the web portal. Almost all internal links need to be updated if the content from Joomla is imported to WordPress.
  • Four hundred four pages- Ideally, URLs also undergo changes that lead to 404 pages during migration. Before the launch, you should ensure to set up a custom 404 pages and run 301 directs to launch day.
  • New site map- Both Joomla and WordPress give rise to unique versions of an XML sitemap. You should make sure that you review the site maps before launching it or submitting it to Google Search Console.
  • Analytics- You should make sure that there is no disruption in data collection by tracking Google analytics from the base.

Some of the benefits of migrating from Joomla to WordPress :

  • Easy to use- As per experts at WordPress development company WordPress is easy to use and doesn’t create much stress for managers.
  • Enhanced SEO performance- Migration from Joomla to WordPress is beneficial as it helps in meeting the SEO objectives of the company.
  • Control- By migrating from Joomla to WordPress, executives have better control in hand as they can manage some little tasks without having to hire web developers.

Why should you choose to migrate from Joomla to WordPress?

Without any second thoughts, one can state that Joomla and WordPress are open software as both software’s return language is in PHP programming and have more or less the same hosting needs. Furthermore, Joomla isn’t easy to use for everyone, as there are limited extensions available. While WordPress is one of the most prominent website builders available worldwide, easy to use, and unlimited extensions available, so many users choose WordPress over Joomla.

Steps to get started with WordPress:

  • Install and setup WordPress- WordPress is generally known for its quick installation as it can be installed in 1 click. After installing WordPress, you need to login to your dashboard.
  • Import Joomla to WordPress- After installing WordPress, you can easily import content from your Joomla site. To import your content, you need to install FG Joomla to WordPress and let it get activated.
  • Setup redirects and permalinks- Most likely, it is possible that the previous Joomla link will have a different URL structure than WordPress. It indicates that people who search for your articles will now see a 404 error. You can fix this error by setting up permalinks and redirects.
  • Setup WordPress theme- WordPress will give you access to universal themes that you can utilize for your site. You can also install both free and paid WordPress themes, but not all ideas suit all websites.
  • Install outstanding WordPress plugins-The best part about WordPress is plugins as plugins allow you to add new features to your website. Also, WordPress plugins can be used mainly for improving security, backup, and setting up cach. You can also download free plugins for WordPress as there are thousands of plugins available over the web.

Thus as per SEO perspective by migrating from Joomla to WordPress, you can surely witness an increase in Organic Search Traffic by 4-5X.  But before directly jumping to migration, you should run an SEO audit that will offer you a clear picture of the company’s structural issues.

If you are still confused, don’t stand back; instead, hire an SEO expert who will help you build a great website.

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