Need to Exchange Currency In Kolkata? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide

Travel plans are always the best when the necessary things are pre-planned. When one makes a checklist of all the important things that will be required for the trip, currency exchange is an inevitable priority. The right options need to be figured out. The one that is finally chosen has to be both convenient and safe. However, with a gamut of options, it becomes tough to find the right vendor that offers good deals while also saving time. So, if you too are looking for currency exchange in Kolkata, here are some great ways to do so. Follow this guide to prepare better for the next travel adventure. 

  • Pick an online platform to save time and money  

Banks, airports, and money exchangers should not be your first choice for currency exchange needs as there is a service fee involved, which can be quite exorbitant. These platforms can save you up to 13% as compared to airport counters since the marginals are nil or negligible. Not to forget, nothing beats the convenience of ordering forex with minimal effort from anywhere, anytime, and get it delivered right at your doorstep.

  • Look out for live market rates instead of fixed rates

It is important to search for a vendor that offers live rates since these are real-time market rates. Some online marketplaces not only display live and real-time rates from different vendors, but also automatically share the best exchange rates after comparing them. These platforms also have a notification feature that helps you get rate alerts whenever the best rates are available. This makes it way easier to do currency exchange in Kolkata at suitable rates. An informed and timely decision helps one focus on the other aspects of their trip without worrying about currency exchange. 

  • Lock-in your desired exchange rate

Customers can now lock-in the exchange rate when the rates are ideal. You simply need to pay a small percentage of the order value in advance to block the rate for up to 3 days and then complete the transaction anytime in the interim. The amount paid as advance is refundable. 


  • Buy a forex travel card

This is the most convenient way to exchange currency in Kolkata. Forex cards are Visa powered and can be used globally. They can be used for international transactions directly at the merchant shop or at ATMs to withdraw currency. Unlike debit or credit cards that charge an extra 6% conversion fee, no extra transaction charges make this one of the most feasible options to go for. It functions like a debit card, is easy to carry and use. With a Forex card, one can travel with ease without constantly worrying about the exchange. Remember to search for a forex card that comes without any hidden charges. Thorough research is necessary before finalizing on the one that fits the bill. Safety and security are a top priority so the Forex card needs to be able to provide the same. 

  • Look for a credible RBI authorized forex partner

It is of prime importance that the currency exchange vendor you choose is RBI authorized.  While unauthorized vendors may cut you a good deal, you have more to lose than gain given the legal implications of such a transaction.

  • Quick response for last-minute forex needs 

Credible online forex partners can be your go-to solution even when it comes to last-minute forex orders since they offer same-day delivery. This makes it a lot more convenient than going anywhere else for currency exchange; so no hassles and no delays.

  • Find a one-stop solution

Besides foreign currency, you can find the entire gamut of forex products and services such as international wire transfers, foreign currency demand drafts, etc. with some forex companies. These are economical, fast, and reliable if one is looking for forex in Kolkata. 

  •  Strong customer support

Customer support can make or break the experience when it comes to currency exchange in Kolkata. A reliable 24*7 customer support team can be your saving grace, should you face an emergency abroad since you always have someone to fall back on.

Safe travel without the stress of last-minute currency exchange is a boon and it is very much possible. With the internet making everything faster than ever, why should forex be left behind? With thorough research of various platforms, one can find out what works best to overcome all the future woes of travel and international transactions. So, find your forex partner now to travel and transact hassle-free… always!


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